Pumpkin Season

pumpkin seasonPumpkin season is finally here and we are ecstatic about it! Those adorable orange gourds are a delightful part of the fall season on so many levels. Today we’re sharing our favorite ways to indulge in the pumpkin season:

Baked Goods: Well of course our number one pick is sweet treats. From pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread, to pumpkin cookies and pumpkin scones, there is no question that pumpkin is the flavor of fall. A pumpkin version of almost any dessert is possible so dig up your favorite recipes and add a little pumpkin to get in the festive fall mood.

Pumpkin Candles: Walking into a home filled with the scent of the season is delightful. Pumpkin candles are wildly popular and leave your house smelling delectable from top to bottom. If you’re having company over, this is a great way to add fragrance without actually having to bake anything.

Pumpkin Beauty Products: Beauty makers know how to capitalize on the seasonal appeal of pumpkins too. This time of year you can find a variety of beauty products laced with pumpkin including soaps, moisturizers, lip sticks, eye shadows, facial masks and fragrances. If you love pumpkin beauty products, stock up now because they won’t be available for long.

Pumpkin-Spiced Lattes and Teas: Coffee and tea selections soak up the flavor of fall with pumpkin varieties too. Pumpkin mixed with ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon or vanilla are all smooth combos for your fall warm beverages.

Pumpkin Décor: Carving jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkins is only one way to decorate with this fabulous gourd. Try other faces such as alien-style designs or goofy googly-eyed pumpkins. Consider painting colorful designs or doing other fun art projects with pumpkins of all sizes. Write festive words on your pumpkins or stack them in a clear glass vase for more elegant appeal.

Pumpkin Dishes: Make a cool serving dish out of a scooped pumpkin. This can be used for delicious dips, candies, or as a cooler for cold beverages. Tip, don’t gut the pumpkin until the day you need to use it. After all, this is a plant and it will rot fairly quickly.

Pumpkin Seed Snack Mix: Pumpkin seeds are a delish and nutrish way to spice up your seasonal snack mix. Add other healthy ingredients like dried fruit, nuts, sunflower seeds and oat clusters for a yummy fall snack.

Pumpkin Outdoor Family Space: Collect several large pumpkins on the flatter side. Cut off the stems and create an outdoor family space with pumpkins as your seats. You can use this area to read, play games, tell stories or have a bonfire on a crisp autumn night.

Enjoy your pumpkin season!!


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