Reasons to Celebrate Back-to-School

The kids may not agree but most moms think back-to-school is the most glorious time of year. It’s not that moms don’t like spending time with their kids, but after two or three months of having all the kids at home, it’s time for a little structure, academics and quietness, don’t ya think? If you’re with us, you’ll want to read our reasons to celebrate back-to-school.

Reason #1: Routine

Ah, it’s so nice to know exactly what your day will look like, at least Monday – Friday. The school year offers a refreshing routine including earlier bedtimes and set activity schedules. Kids usually thrive on routine so you may even notice a nice attitude shift in your children as you settle into a healthy school year routine.

Reasons to Celebrate Back-to-SchoolReason #2: Learning

As much as you try to play the role of teacher over the summer, nothing beats the academics your child gets at school. Surely you’ve done a good job bridging the gap to help your children pick up where they left off. Now you get to watch their minds expand as they build their knowledge with another great year at school.

Reason #3: Focus on the Littles

When the big kids go back-to-school, you have an amazing opportunity to focus on your baby or toddler in ways that’s just not possible with everyone at home. You and your little one will love sharing quality time together with tailored activities for her level.

Reason #4: Productivity

It’s SO hard to get things done with the kids in the house 24/7. Even sweet helpers aren’t always keen on mommy’s endless to-do list. Finally you’ll have a chance to check off some big items you’ve been trying to finish since May.

Reason #5: New Friends

A new school year means a new group of friends for your kiddos. That’s not to say you should discard old friendships, but mixing up the play mates can be a great social opportunity for your children. Plus, you may make a few new mom friends as well.

Reason #6: Saving Money

Summer is expensive! Between vacations, pool memberships, day excursions and eating out more, summertime activities really add up. Being back in school may save you some big bucks!

Reason #7: Free Time

Perhaps you’ve forgotten what this term “F-R-E-E T-I-M-E” means. It’s actually time when you may get to do something you enjoy, such as read a magazine, take a yoga class or eat at a restaurant with adults – only adults. Does this sound familiar? You’ll get the hang of it really fast, we promise!

Reason #8: Rejuvenation

With life back in order and everyone in their groove, your family will feel rejuvenated and have a renewed sense of love and appreciation for one another. Although you may have less time together, with your refreshed outlook the time will be more meaningful and enjoyable.

What are your reasons to celebrate back-to-school?

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