Sport Bra Fit Tips

sport bra fit tipsLast week we brought you a recap of the hottest seasonal styles inspired by sports.  Now that summer is in full swing, we hope you are making the sunshine a part of your workout routine. Whether you’re working to get your arms toned for tanks, looking to build lean leg muscle for your flirtiest skirts, or practicing sun salutations for seasonal sun bathing, you’ll need to start your workout from the intimates, out.

A supportive sports bra is essential to any exercise routine. “Fit, support and comfort are the three most important words when choosing a sport bra,” says Haidee Johnstone, Senior Vice President and Director of Design for Leading Lady. Haidee and the team at Leading Lady are making sure you have the right bra for your shape and workout with these simple tips.

FIT:  Make sure the cups and band of your bra are the correct size for you by keeping these guidelines in mind:

  • If you can see part of your breasts sticking out of the neckline or the underarm, or if you are using any of the under-bust elastic as part of the cup, your bra cup is too small.
  • If the bra cup looks wrinkled on your breasts, it is probably too large.
  • Your bra should sit firmly around your body.  If it is pulling up, the band is most likely too large for your frame and you will not get the correct amount of support.

Leading Lady’s Find Your Fit Tool is a great guide to determining your size.

SUPPORT:  When gearing up for your workout, consider the activity you will be engaged in and the intensity level of that sport –you may need a wardrobe of sport bras for different activities.

  • Breasts should sit up and be centered on your chest when wearing a properly fitting sport bra.
  • The bra cups need to encapsulate the entire breast and have enough compression to prevent bounce.
  • Encapsulating and compressing the breasts will cause less strain and sag, but be sure you still have a full range of motion for your desired activity.
  • Replace your sport bra when it is worn out. Stretched out fabric won’t do its job.

COMFORT:  You’re already concentrating on working up a sweat, you shouldn’t need to worry about adjusting your sports bra, too.

  • Wider and padded shoulder straps keep weight stress dispersed over a larger area for greater comfort.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps help you adjust to your individual needs, depending on your height and the weight of your breasts.
  • The shoulder straps of the bra stay in place when you are in motion.  If they slip off the shoulder or cut into the shoulder, adjust the straps or try a different size bra.
  • Select a sport bra made with a wicking fabric to keep breasts dry so there is less chafing and abrasion.

To ensure you are ready for your your favorite summer activities with a bra that fits just right, we are having an activewear sale tomorrow through Sunday.  Happy workout!

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