Stylish Jumpsuits for Full Figured Women

Jumpsuits are a trendy and playful way to jazz up your spring and summer wardrobe.  Jumpsuits for full figured women come in a variety of styles that fit curves beautifully.  Finding the most flattering style for you may take a few minutes in a fitting room but we have some basic tips to get you started.

Stylish Jumpsuits for Full Figured Women

Jumpsuit Tops

Jumpsuits for full figured women should accentuate your best features.  You have many options for the top portion of a jumpsuit including halter, strapless, cap sleeves, one shoulder, short sleeves, long sleeves, tank and wrap.  Depending on how much skin you want to show, select a style that shows your assets.  If you have great cleavage, go for a plunging neckline like a halter or wrap.  If you have broad shoulders that you want to minimize, try a wide scoop tank or longer sleeve jumpsuit.

The waistline of your jumpsuit is also important when you’re dressing for your body type.  Empire waist jumpsuits smooth and support the breasts while allowing fabric to free flow over the mid-section.  A wrap style or other tops with a matching long thick fabric belt helps elongate your look.  Women with long torsos may prefer a lower waistline that hits at their true waist of below.  This breaks up the top from the bottom and helps create a more proportional appearance.

Jumpsuit Bottoms

The bottom part of your jumpsuit can also enhance your appearance when you select styles that are most flattering to your figure.  Wide leg jumpsuit pants elongate the legs with free flowing fabric that creates a breezy look.  This style also helps balance broader shoulders and large breasts.  Tapered pants look great on shorter women or women who have slimmer legs.  A shorts jumpsuit makes a flirty summertime outfit that is great for everyday wear or as a bathing suit cover-up.  For a more athletic style, a drawstring knee or ankle length jumpsuit offers a sporty vibe.

Jumpsuit Colors and Patterns

One of the most flattering things about jumpsuits is that they are one piece and they offer consistent color and style on top and bottom.  But this monotone look is far from boring.  All black jumpsuits can be some of the most fashionable and slimming looks of your spring and summer wardrobe.  When everyone else is wearing a little black dress, bust out your little black jumpsuit and some gorgeous jewelry for a cocktail party or date night.  Other solid colors look feminine and fabulous too, including navy, teal, soft pink, purple and white.  Or go for a louder print, such as a large pattern, tropical fabric or animal print.  Usually matching jumpsuit belts are best as the idea of jumpsuits for full figured women is flow rather than an interrupted, choppy look.

As always, make sure you’re stylish, comfortable and supported in your intimates as well.  Select a full figure bra that will enhance your jumpsuit style and create a smooth and lifted bust-line.  Jumpsuits for full figured women are a fun and fabulous way to show your personal style this spring and summer!

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