Thanksgiving Crafts: Last Minute Table Décor and More

Colorful accessories for Thanksgiving holiday craftThanksgiving crafts are a wonderful way to spread the Thanksgiving spirit to kids.  While they may not be interested in the food and house preparations for having guests, you can bring the holiday to their level by engaging your kids in Thanksgiving crafts.  Using art, you can discuss the story and themes involved in Thanksgiving, and even help your kids think about ways they are thankful.

Today we have fun ideas for Thanksgiving crafts – including last minute table décor and other household decorations – that you can create with items you already have around your house.

Thankful Tree or Wreath:  Using a construction paper base to create a tree trunk with branches or a round wreath, help your kids cut out construction paper leaves of different shapes, colors and sizes.  Then ask your children what they are thankful for and write each comment on a leaf.  Paste the leaves on the tree or wreath and hang it in your house to display for all of your guests to read.

Thanksgiving Placemats:  Get crafty with your Thanksgiving placemats by allowing your kids to decorate them.  There are endless possibilities, from straight drawings or stickering, to weaving or collaging.  Encourage your kids to personalize each placemat for each of your guests.

Thanks Garland:  Create Thanks garland or banners for your mantle, staircase or doorways using letter cut-outs, leaves, tinsel and other art supplies that represent the season.  This simple Thanksgiving craft can be made using string, ribbon or yarn and a lot of imagination.

Turkey with “Tradable” Feathers:  This interactive craft gives your kids something to do during long Thanksgiving meals.  First cut out a small and large brown circle for each turkey you’re going to make.  Add a face and legs as you desire.  Then let your kids decorate feathers – either from craft feathers or paper – that you can place on each turkey using a small slit.  During the Thanksgiving meal, let your kids and guests trade feathers.  Or, place a special sticker on the back of several feathers and whoever ends up with the stickered feathers wins a prize at the end.

Turkey Puppet:  Small puppets are a fun way to keep your kids occupied on Thanksgiving as well.  Using gloves or socks, let your kids create a turkey puppet out of whatever arts supplies you have on hand.  Show them pictures of turkeys and then let them get as wacky and creative as their hearts desire.

Thankful Name Card Necklaces:  Ask your children to help you make name card necklaces for each of your guests.  Make name cards out of card stock and punch holes in them to string on a necklace along with beads, leaf cut-outs, cereal and whatever else your kids want to add.  Lay the jewelry creations on each persons place setting and encourage everyone to wear them during the festive meal.

Leaf Collages:  This Thanksgiving craft incorporates nature and some fresh air to collect supplies.  Let your kids gather leaves, acorns, sticks, pinecones and anything else they can find in your yard.  Then use these natural materials to create a magnificent fall collage to display in your home.

Popsicle Stick or Spoon Figures:  Help your kids create their own Thanksgiving themed action figures out of popsicle sticks or spoons.  Decorate them like pilgrims and Native American characters and encourage your children to act out the first Thanksgiving or other interactions between these groups of friends.

Have a blast with these Thanksgiving crafts and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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