The “Barely There” Makeup Trend

The “Barely There” Makeup TrendThe “barely there” makeup trend is sweeping over fashionistas everywhere. Believe it or not, achieving this natural look takes a bit of work and know-how. The goal of the “barely there” makeup trend is to magnify your natural look to show off the best version of you. Think of this trend as a dose of your personality after a great cup of coffee – you are energetic and sharp, but still true to yourself. “Barely there” makeup should amp up your natural glow and support a toned and youthful appearance.

Here’s what you need to know about the “barely there” makeup trend:


After washing and patting dry your face, apply your best daytime moisturizer. Since you won’t be wearing much or any foundation, use the good stuff on your “barely there” makeup days. Tinted moisturizer that evens your skin tone is a nice touch. If necessary, brush a matte powder on your face. Use concealer sparingly only where you need it.


The “barely there” makeup trend is all about earthy tones. Browns, grays and some pinks are in order. Using metallic hues gives a nice subtle shimmer. The trick to ensuring a natural look is meticulous blending. Use darker shades in your eyelid creases but keep your strokes light for a breezy, shaded shadow. When considering your eye shade, keep in mind that you want your lips and contouring to match for a monochromatic effect.

Brows and Lashes

The goal here is to create bold brows and lashes without heavy pencils or mascara. Keep your brows full and use a clear gel to darken and hold strands together. Curl your lashes and apply minimal mascara. Skip the liner for the “barely there” makeup trend.


A nude lip is perfect for this trend but if you need something extra for nighttime wear, go for a slight sheen.  A tinted lip balm may be all you need to achieve this look. Keep the shades light with dusty rose colors through almost nude. Save hot pinks and reds for days when you’re going for a different effect.


Contouring around your cheeks will help bring out your natural shine. A darker bronzing or powdered rose streak along your cheekbone followed by a lighter shade highlighter and lots of blending can make your face appear soft and shimmery. Use contouring along the nose and forehead as needed.

Finishing Touch

After all of your “barely there” makeup is applied, spritz your skin with a refreshing nutrient-rich mist to help blend and set your makeup for a natural glow.

Sources: InStyle and Refinery 29

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