The Cutest Cotton Nursing Cami from Bump to Baby

When so much is changing in your life – during pregnancy and when bringing home a new baby – looking and feeling great is comforting to your body, confidence and psyche. In our adorable Maternity to Nursing Seamless Cotton Cami, you’ll get the feel good lift you need inside and out during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

The Cutest Cotton Nursing Cami from Bump to Baby

One of the smartest wardrobe decisions you can make when you’re expecting is purchasing bras and camis that transition from maternity to nursing. This means they’ll be stretchy enough to wear over your bump and have easy access for nursing once your baby arrives. Our Maternity to Nursing Seamless Cotton Cami is versatile enough for both special periods of your life, and offers so much more.

The first thing you’ll notice when you get your new cami is the absolutely incredible cotton fabric with a touch of spandex. Soft, breathable, stretchy materials are essential for maternity and breastfeeding to keep you comfortable and to grow with your body. During pregnancy, your breasts and baby bump will continue to expand. Our Maternity to Nursing Seamless Cotton Cami will keep up with your changing body. The stretchy midsection will sit comfortably on your bump and the scalloped bottom hem offers a polished, fitted finish. As your belly shrinks after giving birth, this cami supports and gently smoothes your tummy lines.

Our Seamless Cotton Cami has the same great benefits for your breasts too. The cotton/spandex blend helps cradle sensitive breasts during pregnancy and in the early nursing days. It will also stretch with your breasts to accommodate the ebb and flow of your milk supply. This flexibility is essential as breasts can change considerably, even daily.

The inner bra sling offers ample support as breasts grow and become heavier throughout pregnancy and nursing, while not being too restrictive. The double layer top section offers modesty and easily hides nursing pads to avoid leaks. Adjustable straps ensure a great fit every day.

Styling our Maternity to Nursing Seamless Cotton Cami is easy breezy! This adorable and flattering cami can be worn alone on warmer days or under shirts, sweaters, and dresses as a layering piece for cooler weather. Layering your wardrobe with a nursing cami with easy one-handed clasps helps ensure you’re always ready for a feeding. And when baby is happy and mama looks good, all is right with the world.

We hope you enjoy our Maternity to Nursing Seamless Cotton Cami as your favorite top from your bump days through your breastfeeding days. It’s the smartest wardrobe decision you can make this season.

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