The Denim Trend: Denim is IN

While the summer sun may still be blazing, we’re thinking ahead to fall fashion.  One of the hottest trends of the season is denim.  In fact, denim blends nicely from summer to fall as many of the pieces can be used transitionally.  From denim dresses, jumpsuits and jackets, to denim bathing suits and purses, the denim trend is big and bold for 2015.

If the extent of your denim wardrobe begins and ends with jeans, you may want to revisit denim as you start making purchases for your fall wardrobe.  Yes, jeans are a staple for most women, but denim is good for so much more than just that.  Some women may fear looking too “country” in denim, but this fall, denim is edgy, breezy and sleek.  Try this trend in dark or light blue denim, even black or white denim.  There are so many possibilities. Let’s take a look.

Denim dresses and skirts are all the rage as we transition from summer to fall.  Sleeveless or long sleeve, short or below the knees, denim makes a trendy feminine statement as a fitted skirt or dress.  Look for shirt style dresses with buttons, a wrap dress or a structured fit. Skirts work nicely with buttons down the center, a front zipper or a little flair.  And The Denim Trend: Denim is INdon’t forget distressed denim – it’s not only sexy in your jeans, it’s also way awesome for your denim skirts and dresses too.  Not much adornment is needed on denim, but a simple pattern, ruffle of fringe detail can add some pizzazz.

On top, denim can be worn in the summer and into fall as a cute camisole.  Definitely make sure your top is tailored because the thick material can sometimes be unflattering if it adds bulk or bulges to your midsection or bustline.  Embroidery is a fun twist for denim tops.  Feel free to layer your denim camis as the weather cools, adding a cardigan or light jacket over it.  Denim tops can be worn with denim pants or skirts if the colors match exactly or contrast nicely, such as a pale blue denim with a dark blue jean.

We can’t forget denim jackets, of course.  Denim jackets have gone in and out of style over the past seven decades or so.  They’re back in but have mellowed a bit.  Forget the thick, structured denim with silver buttons and a collar.  Instead go for a breezy blazer, an athletic-style hooded jacket or a full length denim coat.  That’s right, you can wear a trench-like coat in denim as the weather grows colder. Ties and zippers are great hardware for long denim coats or wear it open.  Another cool style for fall is a denim poncho, either in traditional denim fabric or as a denim-printed sweatshirt poncho.

Last but not least, let’s talk about denim accessories.  Denim purses are definitely a good move this fall.  Keep it small and simple in a patchwork design or simple pattern or embellishment.  Denim sandals or pumps allow you to incorporate this trend easily into your fall wardrobe.  Even denim hats and watches will make a fashion statement this fall.  And if you’re fortunate enough to enjoy a few more months of summer where you live, turn some heads with a denim bathing suit.

Have fun with the denim trend this fall!  Share pictures with us on Facebook of your favorite denim ensembles.

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