The Health Benefits of Cold Showers

The Health Benefits of Cold ShowersIt may seem that cooler weather warrants warmer showers but you may want to consider keeping your shower knob on the colder side. There are many health benefits of cold showers ranging from your immune strength and emotional state, to the cleanliness and appearance of your skin and hair. If a cold shower is unbearable for the entirety of your shower time, try turning down the temperature for the last few minutes to reap these health benefits of cold showers:

Alertness: Being drenched in cold water is shocking to the body. In fact, it is so shocking that you will take deeper breaths to keep warm. This increases oxygen intake and stimulates more blood flow therefore making you more alert and ready to face the day ahead. If coffee isn’t enough to wake you up, a cold shower may do the trick.

Immunity: Similarly, as blood circulates more rapidly and efficiently from cold water, it energizes bodily organs helping them function optimally. As organ capacity improves, so does your ability to fight off sickness and disease. Additionally, cold stimulus decreases uric acid levels and increases antioxidant optimization to help your body more effectively combat free radical damage to cells. Therefore that cold shower can help keep you healthier this fall and winter despite all of the seasonal germs.

Emotional Wellbeing: Studies show that hydrotherapy can have mood-boosting benefits including reducing depression and anxiety. Cold water stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and increases endorphins, noradrenalin and norepinephrine, all of which can make you feel happier. Ultimately cold showers can have anti-depressant and anti-anxiety benefits.

Muscle Relief: Much like a cold compress, cold showers can relieve muscle soreness even before you feel it. After workouts, cold showers not only cool you down and wash away the sweat, they also may prevent you from feeling pain the next day.

Weight Loss: Amazingly, cold showers may help your weight loss goals. Coldness activates good fat cells known as brown fat cells. One study showed that regular cold showers increased brown fat cells so significantly that people could lose up to 9 lbs. a year just by bathing in cold water.

Better Skin & Hair: Cold water helps tighten pores all over the body and scalp. This prevents dirt and pathogens from entering the body through your largest organ and keeps skin and hair healthier and more radiant.

The health benefits of cold showers may be somewhat surprising. Give it a go and reap these fantastic health benefits of cold showers.

Sources: Medical Daily and LifeHack

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