The Importance of Female Role Models – Part 1

Female role models are important at every stage and in every aspect of your life. Role models are not only for children. After all, at 30, 40, 50, and 60, aren’t you still evolving and striving to become the best “me” you can be? This lifelong journey of self-excellence (not perfection – perfection is not attainable) is one that is more inspired when female role models shed light on your path. As we near Thanksgiving we’re showing gratitude and highlighting the importance of female role models by sharing the types of female role models that you can benefit from in your life.

Female Business Executives

Whether you’re on an ambitious career track or taking time to raise a family; whether you’re just starting your career or a veteran team member; Female business executives are important role models for women. If you’re in the workforce and hoping to advance your career, look for female role models in your company at an executive or leadership level. Study their career path, how they interact with others and how they make decisions. These are the women who have successfully navigated the career you eventually hope to achieve. If your company has a mentoring program, ask to be paired with a female role model you admire or seek out an informal mentoring relationship with the leader. Even if you’re not currently working in a company with top female executives, find networking and lecturing opportunities so you can learn from female business executives.

Female Troops and Law Enforcement

Women in the military and law enforcement have unique challenges. Like their male counterparts, they trained hard and risk their lives to help keep you safe in the domestically and abroad. However these brave females have added challenges because their jobs are physically and mentally demanding and this arena has been traditionally designated for men. Working in a field where men dominate and being constantly compared to male colleagues makes female troops and law enforcement officers work much harder to maintain the skills and confidence they need to perform their jobs well. These noble women deserve our unwavering gratitude for devoting their lives to protect us.

The Importance of Female Role Models – Part 1Women in Your Family

It can be easy to forget that the women closest to you – your mother, sisters, aunts, grandmothers and cousins – are excellent female role models. These are the women who nurtured you from birth, who worked hard to provide for you and were always there for you. Furthermore the women in your family probably imparted the morals and values that you live by today. Not every female family member will be exactly the person you want to become but you can gleam small lessons from each of them.

Female Politicians

Whether you agree with all of their politics or not, female politicians help protect women’s rights. Through legislature and programs, female politicians create change that supports progress for women in our country and in the world. Plus, women leadership in our government balances representation to ensure voices are heard from a variety of perspectives that is more realistic to the population. Women including Madeleine Albright, Sandra Day O’Connor and Frances Perkins (the first female cabinet member under FDR) are terrific examples of female role models and politicians.

Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Coaches and Caregivers

Women in daily roles that affect your life and the lives of your children have a critical position in molding opinions, values and future women. Teachers, doctors, nurses, coaches and caregivers are female role models who we interact with regularly and whose influence impacts us greatly. From learning to be intelligent and competent people and playing sports, to our health and well-being, these are important female role models in our lives.

Later this week we’ll share five more female role models that are important to celebrate and show our gratitude for this Thanksgiving.

Sources: HistoryNet, Women Powering Business and Ms. Magazine

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