The Importance of Female Role Models – Part 2

As we give thanks for all of the wonderment in our lives this holiday season, we’re focusing on female role models that support and inspire women. Thanksgiving is an excellent time to explore the importance of female role models and show your gratitude to these women who are changing the world and showing everyone how much powerful women can achieve.

The Importance of Female Role Models – Part 2Women Who Fight for Causes

We all believe in things but not many of us truly fight for causes we support. That’s why women who actively fight for causes are amazing female role models. The causes to stand up for are endless – diseases, prejudices, violence and inequality are just a few of the many areas where female activists have a huge impact. The passion from women who fight for causes is nothing short of inspirational. These women know that changing the course of a cause even a small degree at a time can alter its path significantly in the long run, a valuable lesson for us all.

Your Friends

You hang out with your friends all the time and you probably think they are swell. But do you ever stop to think about how amazing they are? You chose them as friends for a reason so celebrate those reasons and let those who you spend time with often be female role models.  You don’t have to admire everything about them but pick out the behaviors, attitudes and qualities that you respect and work on emulating them in those regards. Perhaps some friends have great parenting strategies, others are good environmentalists and a few are super volunteers. Pick up tips from each of the female role models in your friendship circle to become a better you.

Women Who Exude Body Confidence

Body image can be a major aspect of women’s lives. While some never struggle with it, others live a lifetime of self-loathing due to a negative body image perpetuated by others or their own internal conflict. Women who celebrate their bodies – no matter what shape or size – and exude body confidence can be some of the best female role models. These women understand that the value of a woman does not lie in her appearance, but rather her character. When body negativity clouds your true self, it’s hard to accomplish your dreams. But having a body positive attitude can change your outlook. Find female role models with body confidence to help you discover the same esteem from within.

Historical Figures

Want a female role model fix without having to do much work? Read a book about amazing female historical figures like Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman, Sacagawea, Gloria Steinem, or Amelia Earhart. These women and many more did extraordinary things to improve the world and defy the odds. Their inspiring life stories can be empowering examples of what women can achieve.

Female Producers, Directors and Writers

There’s not doubt we live in a media-driven society. Female producers, directors and writers who call attention to women’s issues and share them through documentaries, plays, television shows, movies and books should be hailed as female role models. They are using their medium to inform and influence others on important topics that women and communities face everyday. Experiencing these often unfamiliar challenges others face can be eye opening and provoke action.

Female role models can be a meaningful and inspiring way to help you on your journey to being the best “you.” Seek out female role models to support your goals and dreams, and give thanks for the ways they improve your life this Thanksgiving.

Sources: HistoryNet, Women Powering Business and Ms. Magazine

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