The Maternity Support Leggings Every New Mom Needs

Ask any veteran mom which piece in her maternity wardrobe was the most essential and she’ll probably tell you maternity leggings. Versatile and comfortable, maternity leggings are hailed as a must-have for the modern mom-to-be. However, things just got a lot better in the world of maternity leggings. We’re breaking the mold by patenting a new design of Maternity Support Leggings that are so unbelievably comfortable and supportive, moms everywhere will want a pair. They’re just that extraordinary!

The Maternity Support Leggings Every New Mom Needs

All maternity support leggings have a little stretch, make room for your bump and are hopefully comfortable. But nowadays that just makes them average. Our Maternity Support Leggings are icing the cake and putting the cherry on top too because we’re taking every feature of the average maternity legging and making it incredible.

Let’s start with the material. Our super soft cotton blend is dreamy on your sensitive pregnancy skin. Your legs will love slipping into them and your hands won’t get enough of running up and down the smooth fabric. With just the right dab of spandex, our Maternity Support Leggings contour to your body without restricting your movement or feeling too tight.

Beyond feeling amazing to the touch, our Maternity Support Leggings are just what the name says – Supportive! From top-to-bottom, front, sides and back, these pants offer 360 degrees of support. Our patented built-in maternity support band covers your bump, cradling your developing baby with extra support beneath your belly and extending to the top of your belly. As it wraps around your sides and back, the support zones ease pain and help gently disperse the weight of your bump to sit more comfortably across your midsection. Plus they smooth your back and sides for a flattering maternity look.

When it comes to style, our Maternity Support Leggings can’t be beat. Great for every maternity look, our leggings are extremely versatile for day and night wear. Casual daytime maternity attire has never been more stylish when paired with a cute maternity top, blazer and boots. Hitting up a prenatal yoga class or walking the neighborhood with mom friends is super comfortable in our leggings and a maternity workout top. Or get your last few date nights in for awhile strutting a high fashion look in our leggings, pumps and a snazzy blouse. Need support and comfort overnight? Look no further than our leggings. Our Maternity Support Leggings are so fabulous, you could wear them around the clock!

Between the luxurious cotton blend fabric, ultimate support band and a sleek design, our new Maternity Support Leggings are exactly the support and comfort every mom-to-be needs. Don’t waste time or money on average maternity leggings. Get the right pair, the best pair, right here at Leading Lady. Trust us, you’ll be so glad you did.

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