The Most Comfortable Bra in America: Guest Spotlight #1

Our friend Nichol from the popular blog Kiddies Corner Deals shares her thoughts on The Most Comfortable Bra in America®!

Kiddies Corner Deals LogoI know I am not the only one who has a difficult time finding comfortable bras. Since I started wearing them, I wait for the moment I can take them off. Unfortunately, that isn’t a privilege for me because I have a large chest. Maybe in the past I haven’t chosen the proper bra for my breasts or the correct size. They just aren’t comfortable to me. I’ve tried fancy bras that cost me a fortune with gorgeous satin, lace and nylon. Push-up bras? Forget it. There has never been a bra that has provided me all-day-comfort until I reviewed theLeading Lady Front Closure Leisure bra this spring. Now that is truly a comfortable bra! This leisure bra has become the first bra I grab because of the satisfaction I feel when wearing it: NO discomfort, supports my D-chest, cozy when I get the rare nap and doesn’t have annoying underwires that jab my rib cage.

I appreciate that this leisure bra accommodates full coverage without my breasts spilling over and gives the feel of a sports bra from the thick straps and stretchy material, making it easier to work out as I do not need to change my bra. This is ideal for active moms and nursing mamas too! And with holiday shopping arriving, I can walk the stores in comfort this holiday shopping season!

I do not know much about bras, however finding a comfortable good-fitting bra that offers breathable material and support is essential to appearance and feeling right. The Leading Lady Front Closure Leisure Bra does just that for me!

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Nichol is the founder of Kiddies Corner Deals. She is a Work-At-Home-Mom with a 10-year old son and a 5-year old daughter. Before entering motherhood, Nichol was obsessed with designer gear. Once she had her children, her taste did not change, but her budget did. She now has a passion for shopping clearance, finding great deals and learning about companies & products that make her life better, which she shares with her readers. Follow Kiddies Corner Deals on Facebook and Twitter.

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