The Most Comfortable Bra in America: Guest Spotlight #2

 Sidetracked Mom

Cathy from Sidetracked Mom wears her Most Comfortable Bra inAmericaday & night.  Check out what she loves about it:

“This is now my go-to bra for night time and for play time.  Before this, I was wearing either a sports bra or underwire to sleep in!  Can you believe it?  Sleeping in this one is so much more comfy!  And, when I just want to wear something I can relax in, I reach for this new bra then, too!  The shoulder straps do not pull on my shoulders yet the cups give a nice amount of support without being too ‘pushy’.  And, I love the convenience of a front closure!”

Read Cathy’s full review here.

Cathy may be known online as the Sidetracked Mom, but only because she’s busy being mom to her son & daughter, wife, deal finder, chef, crafter and blogger extraordinaire.  Looking for fun ideas for your kids, ways to save money or great products you must have?  Check out the latest from Sidetracked Mom, plus follow her on Facebook & Twitter

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