The Perfect-Fitting Bra

It doesn’t matter how expensive your undergarments are, if they don’t fit right, you will still look and feel lousy! But, what exactly is the perfect-fitting bra?

Some of the most common complaints point towards ill-fitting bras. Bands that ride up in the back are either not adjusted properly or are too small. Tight-fitting bras also cause bulges of flesh that show through your tops. Breasts that do not fill the cups out completely will cause wrinkles in the material and molded cups will collapse.

The only way to be sure you fit into that “perfect” bra perfectly is to be measured for your bra size before purchasing new ones. Even when cared for correctly (hand-washed, air-dried), bras typically last only 4-6 months. And our bodies can change during that time due to weight loss or gain and other life-changes such as pregnancy.

Just like shopping for that perfect pair of jeans, every bra style will have slight differences in design that will make them fit you differently. Once you’ve determined your bra size, be sure to try a few different styles to find the one that fits you perfectly. Then do what I do: buy one in every available color! ;)

What are some of your bra-fitting issues?

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