The Risk of Hairband Infections

If you’re like most women you’ve found yourself putting your hairband around your wrist for the convenience of having one ready at all times. We’ve all done it! Hair ties are a pain, and it always seems just after buying a fresh ring, you come find a month later they are all missing. Unfortunately, we do not know the location of your missing hair ties, and although you might think saving your last band around your wrist is a good idea, it’s actually a health hazard. In fact, there are many health risks of wearing a hairband around your wrist for long periods of time. You can cut off blood flow and circulation, and your hairband can even cause abrasions which have the possibility to turn into harmful infections.

There have been many cases surrounding infections caused my hairbands, the most recent happened to a resident of Kentucky, Audree Kopp. After several hours of unpacking and moving in her things into a new place, Kopp noticed she had a bump on her arm that kept getting bigger and more painful. After taking antibiotics and still not seeing results, she decided to go to the emergency room. The doctors told her she has an infection and discovered three strains of bacteria. They told Kopp her sparkly hairband was the culprit, and it had caused tiny cuts in her skin where bacteria had entered her body and caused the infection to build and her arm to swell. Later doctors told her the infection could have been a lot worse if left untreated, and she could have developed far worse conditions such as blood poisoning or even death.

Experts suggest not wearing anything tight around your wrist because even accessories such as watches or bracelets can cause abrasions that can lead to infections. If you are to wear a hairband around your wrist never leave it on for too long, avoid sparkly bands that can scratch or cut your skin, and always clean your wrists when you wash your hands. To prevent any hairband infections, it’s suggested to not wear one at all around your wrist.



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