The Very Best Things to do Every Morning

The Very Best Things to do Every Morning

Whether you fancy yourself as a morning person or not, there are some habits that are the very best things to do every morning for a fresh start to a bright and productive new day.  These simple and effective steps may make the difference between being prepared, rejuvenated and energized, versus feeling flustered, tired and unmotivated.

We challenge you to try these tips for a week to see how it improves your days.  So, here you have them, the best things to do every morning:

Visualize a Happy Day:  Successful people know that sometimes life is “mind over matter” and that planning goes a long way.  As you muster the strength to get out of bed in the morning, mentally walk yourself through your day with the most positive outlook in mind.  If you have a tough meeting on the agenda, picture it going smoothly.  If you’re dreading traffic, think about what you can do to distract yourself from frustration.  If you’re not sure what to serve for dinner, think about the foods that make your family smile.  When you see yourself in the happiest light, you are more likely to live a more enjoyable and satisfying day.  Also, don’t let things that happened the day before drag you down.  Start each day afresh

Exercise & Stretch:  Exercise doesn’t always require an hour at the gym.  Spend 10 to 20 minutes doing calisthenics and simple strength-building moves to get your blood flowing and your body ready for the day.  At the very least, take time to stretch to loosen your muscles and joints.  Take deep breaths and enjoy the release of tension before your day gets going.  Hopefully that moment will stick with you throughout the day.

Meditate & Reflect on Gratitude:  The happiest people in the world tend to be most grateful and they take time to allow their mind to stray from daily tasks into more peaceful meditation.  Many people practice meditation and thoughts of gratitude by sitting still in silence, but you can do it in a variety of ways.  Try it in the shower, which may be the only few minutes of peace you have in the morning.  Or let your mind escape as you eat breakfast or drive to work.  Remembering how fortunate you are will help you keep your day in perspective and your eye on the big picture.

Eat Breakfast & Drink Water:  Planning your day and practicing meditation fills you mentally and emotionally, so be sure to do the same for yourself physically.  Eat a well-balanced breakfast with protein, complex carbohydrates (preferably with a lot of fiber) and drink lots of water.  Your body goes into a state of dehydration overnight so your systems and organs, especially your brain, need to rehydrate in the morning.  Don’t ever skip breakfast!  Your body needs the fuel to operate at its best.  Plus, breakfast is linked with more productively, less fatigue and a better ability to maintain an ideal weight.

Take Vitamins:  Along with a healthy breakfast, daily multi-vitamins help ensure you have a proper balance of essential nutrients for your day.  Vitamins offer energy so it’s a good idea to take them in the morning.  If you’re not into traditional vitamins, try an all-natural multi-purpose supplement or grab a cup of nutrient-rich herbal tea instead.

Don’t Rush:  This is a tough one because we all want to get as much sleep as possible.  But do be sure to wake up with enough time to do what needs to get done without feeling flustered.  Beginning your day in a panicked rush can really throw you off and make your entire day frazzled.  This may require some preparation the night before, and keep your morning routine simple so you aren’t trying to cram in too much.

Listen to Music:  Music is known to be uplifting, healing and restorative.  As you are getting yourself and your family ready in the mornings, put on some background music that will make you feel good.  If the mood strikes you to dance, do that too.  Your entire family can benefit from listening to music in the morning.

Enjoy Fresh Air:  You may not have time for a walk in the park, but do try to take a moment for fresh air as you start your day.  The effortless act of breathing in natural air and filling your body with oxygen can be invigorating.  Plus, nature itself is very therapeutic.  Even if it is just lingering for a few minutes when you step outside to grab the morning paper or cracking your window on your morning commute, fresh air does a body good.

Let us know how it goes when you try these very best things to do every morning!

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