Things Your Coworkers Hate

Things Your Coworkers HateChances are, you spend as much or more time with your coworkers as your family.  While you don’t have to love them or even like them, you do need to get along in the spirit of teamwork and collaboration.  So, could you be doing things your coworkers hate and not even realize it?  If you are the office black sheep, there is a reason why everyone has turned against you.

Here’s a list of what you may be doing wrong that truly offend your coworkers every day:

You Talk Too Loudly:  Whether you are on the phone for a business or personal call, everyone on your floor does not need to hear it.  Check your voice level every once in awhile to make sure you’re not unintentionally yelling or even laughing too loudly on the phone.  The same is true of person-to-person interactions.  If you do need to have a heated conversation, go into a conference room or an office with a door so you can keep those around you out of it.

You Play Unfairly in the Game of Office Politics:  Let’s face it, no matter how much you want to stay out of it, office politics exist and should be regarded.  But when you display unnecessary roughness, your coworkers probably won’t like it.  For instance, brown-nosing the bosses can be off-putting, especially when you butt into an agenda that thwarts that of your coworkers.  Many people are short-sided and act selfishly to advance their own careers, while your leadership, and certainly your coworkers, would value teamwork in the long run.  Also, going behind a coworkers back by reporting them or slighting them in front of the boss usually gets back to them with negative effects for you

You are Too Emotional:  Most people believe that you should never cry at work.  It doesn’t mean you can’t feel and are soulless, but you should have the emotional maturity to wait for a private moment to let out your emotions.  A good cry has its time and place, not during business hours or with coworkers.  Additionally, being overly angry or aggressive is not appropriate in the workplace and can really turn off your coworkers.  Learn ways to cope with your emotions before they spill all over your professional image.

You Eat Foul Smelling Food:  It is practically a cardinal sin to heat fish or any other odoriferous foods in the break room microwave.  Stick to normal salads and sandwiches or chilled meals so as not to make your coworkers want to vomit at their desks.

You Smell Bad:  If your coworkers cringe every time you come near, you may want to check your pits.  It is common practice to wear deodorant, especially if you live in a hot area or have a stressful, sweat-inducing job.  Keep perfume or body spray at your desk in case you need a refresher midday.

Your Email Etiquette is Sloppy:  If you have an office job, email is probably one of your most important business tools.  So when you have bad email etiquette, it may make your  coworkers job harder because they are left sorting through unnecessary emails or trying to piece together your intended message.  Coworkers appreciate clear, concise communication so don’t reply all unless everyone needs the information, streamline your thoughts, proofread and include all necessary attachments.

You Have No Sense of Humor:  A place of business should be professional, but having a sense of humor can make your workplace a happier and more congenial space.  Cracking an appropriate joke every now and then and keeping a sense of humor about your job can make the difference between being liked or disliked by your coworkers.  Sometimes things go wrong, but with a sense of humor about it, everyone will be in brighter spirits to come up with a solution.

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