Tips for Losing Weight Without Exercise or Dieting

Tips for Losing Weight Without Exercise or DietingWe get it – your days are jam-packed and you’ve got more than a full plate. Who has time to exercise? We’re not condoning a life void of exercise but there are just some weeks (and months) when working out is not on the agenda. On the diet side of the equation, you should always strive to eat healthy, but dieting itself is usually not the way to go. And sometimes even when you are working out and eating right you’re still not able to reach your weight loss goals. That’s why we’re sharing tips for losing weight without exercise or dieting. These small lifestyle changes that take almost no extra time out of your busy days can help you effortlessly burn hundreds of calories. You interested?

Losing weight without exercise or dieting is based on two key principals: move more during the day and sleep more at night. Now, if you’re like most humans, you’re already on the move during the day and you sleep some at night. But if you focus and put effort into really maximizing your potential in both of these areas, the calories you can burn or simply not consume is as if you did a workout or altered your diet. Not bad!

Move More During the Day

Our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, fueled by the luxury of technology and automation, contribute to a lot less body movement than say 30 years ago. When you ramp up the simple activities that you do during the day, you can burn some serious calories. You can start by putting a little “pow” in your household chores such as laundry, vacuuming, cooking, mowing the lawn and cleaning. Bend more, squat more, lung more, scrub harder, change your levels and put full body movements into everything you do at home.

When you’re out-and-about, forget the elevators and escalators and take the stairs instead – yes, even if you work on the 10th floor of your office building! If you have a sedentary job, get up every 20-30 minutes to move around. While you’re working, try standing at your desk or sitting on an exercise ball rather than a traditional chair.

Do your best to never remain idol. When you’re waiting on your computer to open a file, do some chair aerobics. When you’re stopped at a traffic light, shift your core to work your abdominal muscles. In the grocery store checkout lane, do some inconspicuous stretching. It all adds up and at the end of the day it makes a big difference. Plus, more movement throughout the day will make you more tired at night. Which brings us to our second point…

Sleep More at Night

Many studies have shown the correlation between sleep and weight loss, or worse, lack of sleep and weight gain. One of the biggest problems with not sleeping is that the hunger hormone ghrehlin goes into overdrive while the fullness hormone leptin drops. This can cause you to eat up to 700 calories more per day when you sleep less than six hours a night.

Most people need at least seven hours of sleep per night to reap the restorative and weight loss benefits of slumber. Some may need more so it’s important to figure out how much sleep your body needs and when your peak sleeping hours should be. Sometimes going to bed too early or too late impedes your ability to get as much sleep as your body really needs. Also, lying in bed not sleeping isn’t a productive use of your time, which could be better spent maintaining healthy habits such as meal planning, stretching and reducing stress by preparing for your day.

Keep in mind that cooler temperatures help you sleep better so crank up the AC at night. Your body will also have to work harder to keep you warm while you sleep, which torches some extra calories right there.

Losing weight without exercise and dieting is just that easy. Depending on your weight loss goals, these small steps could help you break through your rut and drop those last few pounds you’ve been hoping to shed.

Sources: Women’s Health Magazine and Prevention Magazine


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