Tips to Boost Self-Esteem

Tips to Boost Self-EsteemWe all have those days when we need an extra boost of confidence. Perhaps it is the normal ebb and flow of our body rhythms or the cycle of the moon that sometimes gets us down on ourselves. When self-esteem lags for longer than usual, things can go downhill fast and affect every aspect of your life including your relationships, parenting, job and health. Self-esteem truly must come from yourself. As much as positive external feedback makes us feel great, loving oneself is most important. Here are some tips to boost self-esteem on a daily basis:

Be Your Own Best Friend: You know that tape that runs in your head that often reminds you of your shortcomings? That’s called “negative self talk,” which may stem from beliefs that are not based on fact or reality. Examine the root of this negativity and challenge it. Then redefine your belief system accordingly. Rather than treating yourself as an enemy, try being your own best friend. Develop your own positive affirmations that encourage and inspire you.

Be Less Judgmental of Others: While you’re putting an end to self-criticism, try doing it to others as well. Coming from a place of understanding rather than constant judgment will open your eyes to many new and wonderful discoveries. Ultimately, the crabby attitude that was bringing you down will start to work towards your happiness instead.

Embrace Imperfection: Perfect is unattainable so if that is your goal you’ll constantly disappoint yourself. Instead, accept (and dare we say enjoy) the imperfections in life and aspire for excellence or just good enough sometimes. Lowering your own standards can actually make you happier. Also, remember that failure is a valuable life-lesson and not one to be ashamed of.

Smile More: Studies show that smiling, laughing and joking around can release positive brain chemicals that will actually make you feel better. So when you’re feeling down, try to turn your frown upside down and trick yourself into elevating your mood.

Step Up Your Look: When you feel good about your look, you are naturally more confident. This starts with a great full figure bra that enhances your silhouette and creates a beautiful feminine shape. Put together a killer outfit, throw on some heels and smear a bold lipstick on your lips. Wa-la!  Instantly you’ll feel ready to take on the world.

Pump Yourself Up: Need a quick boost of confidence before heading into a meeting or having a blind date? Have a pump-up ritual that may include standing in a superhero pose, throwing punches in the air or shouting an affirmative phrase. It may feel ridiculous at first but it can really help you put your best foot forward.

Take Time for Mindfulness: Mindfulness is a trendy word these days and you may dismiss it for lack of time. The truth is, you can be mindful while going about your everyday life, such as listening to the birds as you walk your dog or really feeling the hug you get from a friend when meeting for lunch. These moments that bring meaning to your life can boost self-esteem and make you feel more energetic, compassionate and loving as well.

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