Vacations Before Baby: Babymooning Tips

Thinking about vacationing before the baby comes? You’re not alone; many couples find themselves squeezing in a pre-baby get away before the due date arrives. This trend even has a cute name: babymooning. Typically billed as a couple’s last chance at alone-time before baby, babymooning provides the luxury of rest and relaxation before life is quickly filled with sleepless nights and feeding turns.

vacations-pregnancy-thecmrThe American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends babymooning while in the second trimester. You’re less likely to run into travel problems (especially with airlines) before your third trimester. Just to be safe, check with whatever airline you’re using about their flight policy for pregnant women traveling so you’re not stuck at the gate on the day of your flight.

While planning your vacation, think about what activities you can physically do versus what activities you’d like to do. Strike a balance between you and your partner’s vacation expectations. An easy way to rule out certain adventures is to consult your OB/GYN pre-babymoon to discuss what travel restrictions you may need to follow. It’s important to make sure you’re planning around your health and baby so you can vacation with ease.

A few vacation quick tips to keep in mind: stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, get up and walk around every few hours (especially if traveling in the car), don’t push your body past its comfort zone. Babymooning is about sharing time with your partner before your little one arrives; make the most of your vacation by relaxing and laughing together.

What would your dream babymoon destination be? We’re thinking anywhere with a beach and surf looks good to us!

Happy vacation, moms-to-be!

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