Veronica’s Story of the Struggles and Successes in Breastfeeding

“I have five children aged 12 to 15 months. My first two children could not breastfeed. I fell into error as many mothers do. I was desperate, I thought that I had no milk and the worst thing was not seeking the help which is offered at WIC. There are professionals that help us and answer any questions that I have and lots of information that helps us so much.

With my third child when I was pregnant I promised to myself to give my child breast milk only, no bottle, nor pacifier. I told the WIC office only breast milk, that’s my goal. With this child the professionals at the WIC office were very helpful. They are so supportive about breastfeeding. So many times I was told by them that I can do it and what a wonderful mom I am to be thinking about giving the best gift to my little one. So I didn’t change my mind about breastfeeding. Every day I had a question and I would call them and they always have the answer. Oh yes, I was scared but I remember that Alicia told me that feeding is easy not painful.

Well the day was getting closer and closer. I was 38 weeks and my baby came. My breasts were hard and I could feel the milk but an incident happened with my baby. The doctor told me my baby was gone, that God took him with him. I fell under a deep depression. I was ready to do the things that I couldn’t with my other children. So I had to call the WIC office to let them know about the incident. I spoke to Alicia and she was so helpful.

Anyway a year passed since the loss, but God decided to send me another baby. So I found out I was pregnant and I was very happy that God gave me the opportunity to do what I was intended to do with the one he took to heaven with all the help that WIC and their staff had given me. Then finely my baby is here. All this time had been very stressful for me and my husband and the whole family. Well finally we were there at hospital and I have my baby in my arms. I had a baby girl. My milk was not there and I myself did not want to start with formula.

Veronica's Story of the Struggles and Successes in BreastfeedingI called the WIC office and spoke to Alicia and told her about my situation. She told me to talk to the nurses at the hospital about it so I did but I was still felling unsure about it. I called her again and she came to the hospital to my room. My baby was with me and I was not feeling like I had milk in my breasts. I was not about to give her bottle so Alicia brought a hand pump and more information. She helped me with some breast massages and put my baby close to me.

I put her on my breast but nothing. She was crying and I am not wanting her to cry- it was making me so sad because she was hungry She told me to use the hand pump. It was wonderful to see that my milk was starting to come. It was just a few drops. Then I fed the milk that I pumped to my little girl. I fed her the breast milk with a spoon and it was great to see her eat some.

By the evening my milk was in a little more and Alicia came back after 7 pm to see how I was doing. We were still was having a little trouble with the latch. I was in pain with a little soreness on nipple. Right away she told me to put her to the breast so we can see what was going on. She helped me turn my baby a different direction. We unlatched her and started all over again and it was so much better. It was unbelievable that something so easy could have made so much difference.

When it was time to go home from hospital I was hopping that it would continue going good with the feedings at home. I was feeling very blessed that I got the help and that my baby was getting my breast milk.

When we had been home for two weeks I was feeling that my milk is not enough to maintain my baby. Friends and family stated that she was too slim, she needed more milk and that my milk was not good. I was concerned so called Alicia at the WIC office about wanting to put my baby on formula because my milk was not good for my baby per my friends and family.

Alicia asked me to take her to office if I can to weight her and see if she is gaining but I couldn’t go to the office because of transportation. She told me she would come to my house with a scale to weight her. So she got to my house and weighed her. Then I fed her, then she weighed her once more. She told me – look, this is how much food she got from you. She continued the same process for three weeks and she continued gaining weight.

My pediatrician said she was doing wonderful, gaining good, and I didn’t need to put her on supplementation. I continued with the breastfeeding but remember, I was very close to giving it up. So thank you, WIC office. We are now 14 months strong on breastfeeding and doing great!

This is my success story. Breastfeeding is very challenging but there is a lot of support out there. I myself couldn’t have done it without the cheers of the WIC office professionals. Thank you for reading my story. There are some struggles and there are some successes. Please don’t give up. Give yourself a chance.”

Veronica, Grayson County WIC

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