Ways to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month

ways to celebrate breast cancer awareness monthOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time when we should all evaluate our own breast health practices and become part of the campaign to help reduce risk factors and encourage early detection. It is inevitable that every one of us will be touched by breast cancer at some point in our lives, whether through a friend, family member or our own battle. Today we’re sharing ways to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month so you can be an agent of support for this vital cause for all women.

Evaluate Your Breast Health

First and foremost, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is designed to engage each of us in healthy breast practices. This includes monthly self breast exams, being screened if and when necessary, and taking steps to reduce our personal risk factors such as eating a healthy diet, exercising and avoiding poor lifestyle choices that contribute to cancer. Take this time to read about breast cancer risks and make adjustments to your health routine accordingly. Also, know what is normal for your body and have anything that seems out of the ordinary checked by your physician. National Mammography Day is October 21, 2016. This is a reminder to schedule your next mammogram.

Talk to Friends and Family about Breast Health

Once you’ve gotten yourself squared away, strike up the topic of conversation with women in your life. Sharing your knowledge and encouraging friends to practice breast health is a way of showing you care. This is a good time to develop a buddy system to remind each other to do monthly breast exams and schedule mammograms.

Wear a Pink Ribbon

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness can be as simple as wearing a pink ribbon as a reminder to yourself and those around you that you’re committed to the cause. You never know, that ribbon may be just the nudge another woman needed to perform a self breast exam or consult her doctor about something concerning. Show the support that’s in your heart buy wearing a pink ribbon in October.

Attend a Breast Cancer Awareness Event

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes many events ranging from educational seminars, to breast cancer walks, to fundraising galas. Make a pact to attend one event this year to learn something new and join forces with other strong women who support the cause.

Donate Your Hair

Cancer patients undergoing treatment often lose their hair and rely on generous women to donate their locks for wigs. You can donate your long hair by having it cut and sending it to a variety of organizations that accept hair to make wigs for cancer patients. Research organizations online to find the one you want to support. Many salons will give you a free cut and style when you donate your hair.

Contribute What you Can

Making a financial contribution – no matter how big or small – helps cancer research and benefits current and future cancer patients. Consider making a donation locally or on a national level to help find a cure to this horrible disease. If you can’t donate financially, volunteer your time during breast cancer events or shop with retailers who give back to breast cancer research and philanthropies during October or all year long.

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, show your support with one of these ways to celebrate, honor and stand up against cancer.

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