What Dogs Teach about Love

As a parent your job is to teach your children as much as possible. When it comes to love, you have a lot to offer and you’re showing it everyday with the care and compassion you show your kids. But you can get a little assistance from a four-legged family member too. As we’re gearing up to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’re exploring what dogs teach about love, especially the lessons most relatable for children.

Love within a Family is Unconditional

What Dogs Teach about LoveYour family dog will pretty much love you no matter what. Even if life’s obligations cause you to neglect playing with him all day or if you scold him for chewing up the furniture, your dog will continue to love you unconditionally. That’s just the way love is in a family.

Love is Being Present Here and Now

Dogs live in the moment. They don’t understand “later” or “tomorrow.” They want to show their love all the time through kisses, cuddles and play. Humans often let life get in the way of being present in love but dogs do it beautifully.

Love Takes Time and Effort

Loving another being is not all roses. It takes time to get to know each other and there are daily responsibilities involved in caring for others. In the case of a dog, it entails, feeding, walking and cleaning. And your dog takes the time and effort to care for you as well. It’s a mutual loving relationship that can sometimes be hard work, but is always totally worth it.

Love is not Vain or Materialistic

Dogs don’t care if anything they have or you have is designer. They don’t care if you haven’t showered (in fact they may prefer it) and they aren’t bothered by your messy house. Dogs make the best of whatever situation they are in and they remember that love is about what’s on the inside, not the outside.

Love is Unending Friendship

Your family dog will be there whenever you need him, for the good times and the bad. Dogs celebrate birthdays, victories and new jobs; and they console losses, disappointments and fears. The warmth of a dog’s snuggle shows they are loving friends til the end.

Love is Protection

It’s quite remarkable how dogs, like parents, know how to protect their families. They warn you of threats, they keep you safe and they help you when you’re hurt. Their exceptional loyalty to your safety and wellbeing is an extraordinary act of love.

We are all Better with Love

When you feel loved, you simply feel better. Love conquers all they say, and in many ways it does. With love you feel more confident, secure and happy. You always know where you stand with your dog – in a place of love. And that just makes your family stronger and better.

These and many other lessons are what dogs teach about love. They are great for kids of all ages. And while you do your very best to teach your kids everything possible, sometimes the furriest family member can do it best. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sources: I heart dogs and Mind Body Green

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