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What to look for in your Sumer Full Figure Bras

By ErinStieglitz on May 2, 2018

The official start of summer is next week and we’re helping you prepare with seasonal full figure bras.

Summer is a time for lots of outdoor fun.  The activities you’re doing in the summer may warrant a few new full figure bras to ensure you are comfortable and supported.  Plus, being outdoors in the summertime means hours in the hot sun.  Sweating in an already uncomfortable bra is a recipe for disaster.  Here’s what to look for in your summer full figure bras:

full figure brasSupport:  When you have large breasts, support is super important for your full figure bras.  Your bra should encapsulate your breast and offer light compression to fit snugly but not too tightly.  Adjustable straps help give you optimal support.  If your bra has hook-and-eye closures, you can use this feature to ensure your best support everyday.  Keep in mind, if you’re wearing your bras on the last hook, it may be time to re-measure and reevaluate your bras.

Breathability:  Hot summer heat calls for soft, breathable fabrics.  Full figure bras made of cotton are excellent choices for the summertime.  Also, sports bras with sweat-wicking material and ventilated designs will keep you cool without causing chaffing.

Flexibility:  You’re surely going to be active this summer so you want great range of motion in your full figure bras.  Restrictive bras will hinder your ability to enjoy activities.  Stretchy fabrics, adjustable straps and multiple hook-and-eye closures help give you the best flexibility for a variety of activities you’ll be doing this summer.

Style:  Your bra’s style should be a reflection of you.  Feeling great in your bra is two-fold:  it should be comfortable but also make you feel terrific about how you look.  Select full figure bra styles that give you confidence and bring a smile to your face.  Also, be sure to wear styles that are conducive to the activities you’ll be doing daily.

Fit:  As with any bra year round, you want to ensure you have the proper fit.  Measure yourself every three months to make sure your size hasn’t changed.  Leading Lady offers a handy fit calculator and printable measuring tape to properly measure your size and find your best fit.  A well-fitting full figure bra will allow your breasts to sit upright and centered on your chest.  The straps should remain in place during movement.  The band, straps and cups should feel comfortable without digging into your skin or leaving gapping spaces.  If your breasts are sagging or spilling over the cups in any direction, your bra is not the right fit.

Keep these features in mind as you shop for your full figure bras this summer.  We look forward to seeing you on!

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