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Annie may think you’re not fully dressed without a smile, but most women know that you’re actually not fully dressed without a great bra. As a garment we wear daily, bras can easily be worn down, reducing their supportiveness and comfort. It is also common to periodically change sizes. So how do you know when to buy new bras? Here are the five tell-tale signs that you should replace your bras:

1)     It is ideal to wear your bra in the middle hook position. If you consistently wear your bra on the first or last hook, your bra may have stretched, or your size may have changed.

2)     If you notice the elasticity has stretched to the point that your bra has lost its shape, it’s time to rediscover support with a new bra.

3)     If the straps are digging into your skin or slipping off your shoulders despite any adjustments you make, you need to re-evaluate your size. If straps are a persistent problem for you, try bras with padded straps for added comfort.

4)     If your breasts are poking above the neckline of your cup, spilling out of the sides of your bra or if you are using any of the underbust elastic as part of the cup, your bra is too small and you should replace it.

5)     If you find yourself uncomfortable at night because your breasts are not supported or your bra is digging into your back, try a front-closure sleep bra.

It is extremely important to the health of your breasts, as well as your back and shoulders, to wear a properly fitting bra. We recommend being fitted or fitting yourself using our fit calculator every 6 months. If you notice any of these signs, or just have an itch for a fun new bra, let your fingers do the shopping on LeadingLady.com. See you soon!

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