When to Buy Nursing Bras

You’re checking off your pre-baby to-do list right and left, using your last few weeks and months before your baby arrives to ensure everything is in place. It’s smart to prepare because life is turned upside down for awhile when you bring home a new baby. As your body naturally and instinctively prepares for breastfeeding, you may wonder when to buy nursing bras. That’s a great question and nursing bras are definitely an item you should include on your must-have list before baby arrives.

When to Buy Nursing BrasBuying nursing bras is an exciting milestone during pregnancy. You’re committing to making the healthiest first food choice for your baby – breast milk. And you’re being wise by planning ahead and wanting to wear a bra that will make nursing easier for both you and your baby.

The truth is, your body may tell you when to buy nursing bras before you actually think of it yourself. Your breasts are constantly evolving throughout pregnancy to prepare for breastfeeding, and with that come size and sensitivity changes too. As soon as you feel discomfort in your current bras – whether that is 3 weeks into pregnancy or in your third trimester – you should buy nursing bras.

Although you may not be sure of your ultimate size, you can purchase nursing bras during pregnancy that you can wear from maternity to nursing. The best option to maximize functionality is to select styles that are stretchy, comfortable and supportive. This type of nursing bra will expand with fluctuations in your breast size throughout pregnancy, as your milk comes in and once your milk settles, and it will continue to be supportive enough to accommodate your growing breasts. This may be the first time you’ve had large breasts in your life, or you may know the feeling all-too-well. Either way, support will be the key to your comfort.

Additionally, breasts can be particularly sensitive during pregnancy and nipples are sometimes sore as you and your baby navigate breastfeeding for the first few weeks. Nursing bras made of soft, natural fabrics are especially important during these times of sensitivity. Even if your breast size doesn’t change, you’ll know when to buy nursing bras if your breasts are feeling uncomfortable due to the fabric of your regular bras.

If you’re one of the lucky few whose breasts did not enlarge or become more sensitive during pregnancy, you’ll want to ensure you buy nursing bras towards the beginning of your third trimester so you’re prepared for breastfeeding right away when your baby arrives. Be sure to pack them in your hospital bag because nursing as soon as possible after birth helps stimulate milk supply and leads to a more successful breastfeeding journey, among other benefits for both you and your baby.

Keep up the great work you’re doing by preparing for your baby during pregnancy, including thinking about what you’ll need for breastfeeding. Knowing when to buy nursing bras will help with your planning and ensure you’re comfortable, supported and ready for your baby’s arrival.

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