Why All Women Should Take a Trip Alone

Why All Women Should Take a Trip AloneIf you’re looking for inspiration, empowerment, inner peace and lots of adventure, taking a vacation alone may be exactly the lift you need.  Whether you’re single, attached or have a house full of kids, many people believe all women should take a trip alone to relax, refresh and reflect.

Women especially become very entrenched in their isolated lives, playing many roles, multi-tasking and often not coming up for breath.  Traveling alone releases many of the self-imposed constraints on your daily life and broadens your horizons in ways that can greatly improve your day-to-day when you return home.  That’s why we’re sharing four insightful reasons why all women should take a trip alone:

You can do everything you want to do and nothing you don’t.  The opportunity to explore new places probably doesn’t come along all that often.  When you take a trip alone, you can decide exactly what you want to do at every moment, starting with the destination of your choice.  Then you can decide which sites to see, how long to stay on the beach, where to dine, act…  If you’re super planny, no one will complain that you’re being uptight and too rigid about the schedule.  If you’re a go-with-the flow kinda gal, you can do anything that strikes your fancy on a whim.  While compromise is an important life skill, when you take a vacation alone, you can call all the shots.  Sometimes that just feels really good.

You’ll be inspired.  Exploring new places is exhilarating and inspiring, whether just a few hours by car from home or half the world away.  By experiencing new cultures, tasting unique cuisines, listening to foreign languages, seeing interesting sites, having many adventures and learning the customs of how others live, you see that there is so much more to life than your personal bubble.  Stepping outside your boundaries can certainly make us smarter and also inspire us to create and become new things in our own space.  You’ll also have time for mindfulness of your inner thoughts, which may not happen all that often in your regular life.  In these quiet moments, you can do some serious soul searching to return home relaxed, peaceful and truly inspired.

You’ll feel empowered and confident.  Taking a trip alone will probably cause you to leave your comfort zone at least during certain parts of your travels.  You’ll have to tackle some of your fears and find strength from within.  Perhaps you are embarrassed to eat alone, you have a fear of heights or you’re not good at speaking up for yourself.  On vacation alone you’ll have to challenge yourself to dine in restaurants to enjoy the local cuisine, climb a mountain to get the best views and negotiate every facet of your trip for yourself.  Once you do, you’ll feel empowered and confident to continue to try new things and take bold steps even when you return home.  Also, women also feel defined by their roles in their normal lives, whether it’s their job or motherhood or something else.  Traveling solo helps you realize that there is much more to you than these isolated aspects of yourself.

You can skip the drama.  Traveling alone eliminates a lot of the hassle, frustration and drama that comes with traveling with another person.  First, it’s easier to plan your trip because you only have to worry about your own schedule.  And inevitably, flights will be delayed, tickets will be hard to come by and other things won’t go exactly your way.  When you take a trip alone, all of these things are easier to negotiate and you can find a way to make the most of the situation without someone else dragging you down.  Additionally, sometimes women wait until they are in relationships to take big trips.  But traveling with a new partner can be stressful and taxing on a relationship, causing lots of drama that might not occur in your real lives and ultimately ruin the relationship.  So skip the drama and go solo!

Bon Voyage!

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