Why Eggs Should Be in Your Diet: Heart Healthy Benefits

Why-Eggs-Should-Be-in-Your-Diet-Heart-Healthy-BenefitsIncredible, edible—the egg is a powerhouse of protein, but did you know that it also contains nutrients that will help you fight cancer or give your growing baby a healthy boost? That’s right, eggs are a multi-faceted must for your diet. Even though eggs are known to be high in cholesterol, a new study from the British Medical Journal shows that a diet featuring moderate egg consumption won’t put you in danger. Let’s look at some of the other benefits eggs will bring to your health:

If you’re a mom-to-be, adding eggs to your diet will ensure that your baby is getting a special kind of B vitamin that is essential to brain development. Choline not only helps your baby’s brain grow, it also protects against dementia and other developmental disorders. Try mixing hardboiled eggs into a salad if the smell of fried egg turns your sensitive stomach.

How else can eggs help you stay healthy? They contain antioxidants that will help reduce your risk of developing cancer. On top of that, eating eggs with help lower your blood pressure and reduces your risk of heart disease. Scrambled, fried, hardboiled—there are a lot of tasty ways to incorporate eggs into your diet. Everything in moderation is a good rule to follow in the kitchen, and this applies to how many eggs you should consume.

Want to cut down on your food cravings? Try starting your day off with soft-cooked eggs and reap the benefits of feeling full longer. Studies show that a high protein breakfast will prevent you from wanting to snack all day and night. Even if your cravings kick in the evening, eggs in the morning will help you feel sated longer.

There’s no need to make a protein shake á la Rocky, but change up your breakfast routine with an egg or two.


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