Women’s Full Figure Athletic Wear – A Sorry State

Women’s Full Figure Athletic Wear – A Sorry StateIf you’re like most full figure women, you struggle to find good full figure athletic wear. In fact, you may be so desperate for a great pair of athletic shorts or sweat-wicking workout shirts you may resort to wearing men’s clothing.  That’s what a new study shows many full figure women are doing.

It’s a well-known fact that full figure women have a harder time finding clothes as many brands don’t have a size range that accommodates larger women. The situation is even worse when it comes to cute, feminine athletic wear. Workout clothing designed to support and cool the body are ideal for anyone who exercises, regardless of their size.

So what’s a full figure woman to do when she wants to exercise? Research shows they wear men’s clothes.

This shocking finding calls attention to many issues beyond discrimination among fashionable athletic brands and the perpetuation of the idea that to look stylish you have to be thin.  It also shows that as a society we are more accepting of plus size men than full figure women.  Additionally, this unfortunate occurrence forces women to “cross dress” and possibly look masculine. For some, that may be OK but for others it limits their creative expression.

What’s even more disappointing is that other studies have shown women who feel good in their athletic attire are more likely to feel motivated and have successful workouts. Most women have experienced the high you get from looking good in an outfit and the same is true of your workout attire. Not offering full figure selections of cute workout clothes is counterproductive to larger womens’ efforts to exercise and be healthy.

The research from Washington State University’s Department of Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles found that of 1000 popular workout garments, only 15 were available in plus sizes. The head of the study has initiated a new course at the university to help future designers “evaluate their own implicit prejudices about overweight people and study weight discrimination as a social justice issue.”

Women’s Full Figure Athletic Wear – A Sorry StateAt Leading Lady, we support a full figure woman’s ability to workout comfortably.  Our Wirefree Sport Full Figure Bra is offered in sizes ranging from 36 B/C/D to 56 DD/F/G and our Ultimate Sports Bra is offered up to size 46DDD.  For those who are looking for a full figure athletic top, our Sport Tank with Wirefree Shelf Bra is offered up to size 6X.  Each of these is designed to support full breasts during light-to-moderate exercise or to be worn as fashionable sporty daywear.

Women’s full figure athletic wear has a long way to go. We’re glad to support women who choose to exercise and stay healthy with our line of full figure athletic styles. We hope fashionable athletic brands will follow suit so full figure women can get the comfort, support, fashion and confidence they deserve when working out.

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