12 Tips to Create More Time in your Day

12 Tips to Create More Time in your Day

It’s a busy time of year so what if we said we could give you a few extra hours every day? We’re not upping the clock to a 26 hour cycle but we can help you create more time in your day by following a few simple expert tips.

Ready to be more productive, less stressed and totally on top of your game? Here are 12 tips to create more time in your day:

Tip #1: Find Your Power Window

Find the two hours in your day when you have the most energy to get things done. During that time, focus only on your most important tasks that require the most brain power. Turn off all distractions like email, social media, phone calls and the TV.

Tip #2: Multi-Task Wisely

Women are known for our master multi-tasking skills, it’s true. But know when it’s best to do it and when to stay hyper-focused. For example, folding laundry why talking on the phone is brilliant. Trying to analyze a complicated spreadsheet during your son’s noisy piano lesson is not.

Tip #3: Organize Lists and Schedules

Get your to-do list out of your head and onto paper or a device. Millions of details swirling in your head overloads your hard drive. Also, keep your calendar organized so you know where and when you need to be places without fumbling for details at the last minute.

Tip #4: Pack Some Days so Others can be Relaxed

Getting some tasks done back-to-back may make your day a bit hectic, but it frees up time on other days. It’s worth it to be going-going-going if you know you’ll get a big break as a reward. Try to group errands, meetings and other things that fill your schedule when it makes sense.

Tip #5: Prioritize and Say No

Get your priorities straight and make sure your days are aligned accordingly. Chances are you can eliminate a few things on your to-do list by just saying they aren’t worth your time. Also, don’t over-commit yourself in the first place. It’s OK to say no when something is not high on your list of priorities.

Tip #6: Be More Decisive

It’s so easy to get caught up in decision-making. It’s good to weigh your options but set a limit on how long you’re going to research and deliberate and then make a final decision by the end.

Tip #7: Carpool

Driving yourself and your kids can be a big time suck. Find ways to carpool to reduce your time spent in the car. If you get a ride place, you can use that time talking to your friend, reading or catching up on emails.

Tip #8: Never Sit Idly

Unless you are meditating or practicing breathing techniques, never get caught without something productive to do. Waiting at your doctor’s office or sitting through your child’s after school activities should be a time when you can get a few things done. Have a plan for that time and stick to it.

Tip #9: Breathe

About that breathing…sometimes just taking a few deep breathes or spending a few moments to be mindful can rejuvenate your mind and spirit and allow you to be more productive. As oxygen reaches your entire body, you’ll find new motivation, creativity and a more positive attitude. The few minutes you spend will pay off magnificently.

Tip #10: Delegate

At work, at home and with friends, you can be more efficient if you delegate. Make a project better by involving more people. Complete your household chores by giving your kids and husband responsibilities. Make your next dinner party a pot-luck. Don’t feel you have to do it all, especially if it costs you tons of time.

Tip #11: Clean Less

It’s good to be clean, but perfection every day may not be necessary. Use those 15 minutes you would have spent picking up the house for something more useful like preparing dinners for the week.

Tip #12: Free Up Emotional Space

If you start your day listening to negative news stories, chances are you’ll be distracted or not upbeat for your day ahead. Also, feeling guilty about all the things you haven’t done or you should be doing drains your energy. Start your days on a positive note and have a mantra for powering through negative feelings.

Sources: Oprah.com, Business Know How and Huffington Post

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