Last Minute Family Holiday Card Ideas

If you haven’t sent your family holiday card yet, don’t worry, you can still pull it off! We have last minute family holiday card ideas that can arrive before the holidays are over.

So you forgot to put together a holiday card this year and you’re scrambling to figure out how to send your hundreds of friends, family, business contacts and mere acquaintances a special holiday greeting. Or maybe you didn’t forget as much as you just didn’t have time or the idea of organizing it just made you want to get all tangled up in that mess of Christmas lights have yet to be unscrambled.

It’s OK, we’ve all been there.

Check out these last minute family holiday card ideas and tips that will look like you aced it:

Card + Photo

There’s no time for scouting the perfect photo card design with just the right message that conveys your true holiday sentiments and then sifting through the thousands of photos on your phone to pick images that fit the incredibly awkward photo spaces provided. And organizing a photo shoot at this point – not a chance! Rather, go online or head to any drug store and pick up boxes of generic holiday cards that you find acceptable. Then select one family photo you love, or quickly take on yourself using the self-timer on your camera,  and have it printed in mass quantities to stick inside your card. Wha-la, a family holiday card with a beautiful photo of your family.

No Good Photos

Can’t find any photos where everyone looks good? Use an online program where you can upload several similar images and then select the best face on each person. Yes, that does exist, it’s amazing! Or simply adjust backgrounds, coloring and other features to make your snapshot look professional quality. Still can’t get it looking fabulous? Try black and white where everyone looks incredible. Even black and white won’t cut it? Show a slice of reality and include photos of the “real” moments in your family like your daughter crying on Santa’s lap or your dog who has chewed up all your shoes.

Online Only

Forget collecting physical addresses and hand-addressing each card. Rather, pull up your contact list and email a card to everyone. There are many free and inexpensive options where you can upload your own photos and customize messages. Plus, you can send these up until the last minute and still maintain perfect timing on your holiday cheer.

Get Crafty

If your visions of something unique and creative are quickly melting away, turn the situation around by getting your kids involved in a fun craft project. From fabric ornaments and button snowmen, to thumbprint reindeer and glittering holiday lights, you and your kiddos can make spectacular holiday cards from the heart.

Change the Game

Need an extra week? Send a New Year’s card instead. Need an extra month? Go for a Valentine’s Day card. It will certainly stand out and not get lost in a sea of other holiday cards.

Happy Holiday Season!!

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