20 Inexpensive Things to do this Fall: Part 1

The chillness of fall has settled in and we hope you are enjoying all that this wonderful season has to offer. Cooler weather, beautiful scenery and the holidays just in sight makes fall an exciting time of year. As you are celebrating the season, be sure to check out these inexpensive things to do this fall:

Make Soup: Rich, delicious soups are in order during fall and winter months. Try out new recipes or experiment with your own concoctions. Use seasonal vegetables such as winter squash, Brussels sprouts, parsnips and beets. Freeze a few servings of your best soups to enjoy later.

Hike: Fall is the very best time of year to hike. Not only will you get your heart-pumping and tone your muscles without sweltering in the summer heat, you will also get to bask in the beauty of nature’s gorgeous transformation. Leaf peeping while exercising is about as good as it gets in fall!

Make a Fall Wreath: Bring the warm colors of fall into your home with a fall wreath. Using leaves, pinecones and a few fall-hued pieces of fabric and ribbon, you can create a seasonal wreath that will help you get in the festive fall spirit.

Shop in your Closet: Before you head to the mall or get on your computer for online shopping, get reacquainted with the clothes in your closet. Purge items you no longer need or want and rediscover old favorites. Make a mental note or actually take pictures of a few go-to fall outfits. After you see what you’re missing, supplement your wardrobe as necessary. Don’t forget to restock your full figure bras for an amazing silhouette this fall.

Have a Fall-Themed Dinner Party: Gather friends for a fall smorgasbord. Serve fall favorites like butternut squash soup, roasted root vegetables, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie and apple cider.  Be sure to decorate your table and home using fall colors.

Run or Walk a 5K: Now that the weather is cooler many organizations are ramping up for 5K walks and runs. Get involved in a local charity and participate in this type of event. It’s a great way to exercise, meet new people and support a cause.

Read by a Fire: Curl up with a great book by a cozy fire for a relaxing evening or lazy weekend day. Be sure to sip something warm and feel free to make s’mores as a tasty treat.

Counter-Program Football: If you’re not the football loving type, meet up with friends for a movie or fun girls’ night during football games.

Get a Fall Mani/Pedi: Burnt orange, mustard yellow, burgundy, or wine purple are fabulous fall hues for your next mani/pedi. Get that fall feeling from your fingers to your toes with these nail colors.

Pick Fruit: Visit a local farm that has seasonal fruit to pick such as apples, pears, grapes or pumpkins. Somehow it just takes better when you’ve picked it yourself fresh off the vine.

Stay tuned later this week for the rest of our 20 inexpensive things to do this fall!

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