20 Inexpensive Things to do this Fall: Part 2

20 Inexpensive Things to do this Fall: Part 2

We’re back with the remainder of our list of 20 inexpensive things to do this fall. We want you to take advantage of all the fantastic things this season has in store. From cooler weather activities and enjoying nature, to tasting seasonal produce and celebrating fall holidays, our list of ideas has something for everyone.

Here are even more inexpensive things to do this fall:

Carve a Pumpkin: Pumpkin-carving is not just for the kiddos. It’s a wonderful canvas for you to explore creatively and display at your front door. So let those fall creative juices flow and get to carving.

Volunteer: Fall and winter are the seasons for giving and part of that is helping others. Spend time this fall doing a meaningful volunteer project that will support your community.

Plant your Spring Garden: Now is the time to plant bulbs for your spring garden. It may feel like ages away but you’ll be really glad you did it come springtime when your pretty flowers are blooming.

Take Photos of Beautiful Trees: After you prepare for spring, set off on a leaf peeping adventure and photograph it as you go. Explore new areas where you might find vibrant and breath-taking leaf colors that will inspire you all season long.

Fly a Kite: Catch some wind by taking a kite to a park. This is a fun activity alone, with friends or with your entire family.

Visit a Corn Maze: Test your logic and sense of direction at a corn maze. This fall activity can be a daytime adventure or a spooky nighttime activity.

Have a Halloween Movie Marathon: Spend a weekend watching your favorite Halloween movies. Invite friends over to enjoy them with you…and perhaps hold your hand during the scary parts!

Rake Leaves: Raking leaves can burn serious calories. Add some lung moves and put your arm and back muscles into it and you’ll be in for a full-body workout. While you’re taking care of your own yard, rake leaves for your neighbors as well as an anonymous random act of kindness.

Bake for the Season: Pumpkins, sweet potatoes and apples are among the best baking ingredients for fall. Check out new recipes to incorporate these seasonal fruits and vegetables into your fall diet.

Go to a Festival: What better way to spend a fall day than at a local festival. Stroll through venders, watch performances and taste the flavors of the season.

Happy Fall, everyone!!

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