Black Breastfeeding Week 2016: The Joys of Breastfeeding

Loving Moments by Leading Lady Partners with Black Breastfeeding Week for the 4th Annual Celebration to Help Moms Share in the Joys of Breastfeeding

Black Breastfeeding Week 2016: The Joys of Breastfeeding

In a joint collaboration to spread the joys of breastfeeding, Loving Moments by Leading Lady partners with the fourth annual Black Breastfeeding Week event by donating nursing bras to participating breastfeeding organizations across the country. Black Breastfeeding Week is a week-long event (August 25-31) at the end of National Breastfeeding Month that celebrates and advocates the health benefits and personal empowerment of breastfeeding.  The celebration is spearheaded by Kiddada Green, Kimberly Seals-Allers and Anayah  Sangodele-Ayoka. Black Breastfeeding Week is using the hashtags #BBW16 and #BlackBFJoy so mothers can share in the celebration.

“Oh, What a Joy,” the theme of this year’s Black Breastfeeding Week celebrates the joy and bliss that breastfeeding bond can bring to babies, mothers, fathers, families and communities. Mothers who successfully breastfeed not only improve the health of their babies for a lifetime, they also feel empowered and accomplished. As the joy spreads, every aspect of the community can grow and thrive.

Black Breastfeeding Week celebrates and promotes breastfeeding as a timeless tradition and highlights the communities and organizations carrying it forward. According to the CDC, breastfeeding could improve the infant mortality rate by up to 50% among African American babies and help prevent many common health conditions prevalent in black communities.  Black mothers face additional barriers due to lack of support, awareness, role models and leadership promoting breastfeeding in their communities.  Black Breastfeeding Week is a jubilant campaign to make breastfeeding in Black communities normal again.

“Loving Moments is so happy that our breastfeeding awareness program is reaching more and more moms,” said Mark Corrado, third generation owner of Leading Lady. “The statistics are clear, a breastfed child is healthier and we want to help improve the infant morality rates in African American communities.”

Loving Moments is providing nursing bras to moms through breastfeeding support agencies that are celebrating Black Breastfeeding Week with special events.  The participating groups and links to their Facebook pages can be found below.

Loving Moments’ contribution to support Black Breastfeeding Week is part of an unprecedented donation of nearly 30,000 nursing bras worth over $350,000 that began during World Breastfeeding Week and continued throughout August to help raise awareness for breastfeeding and encourage more moms – at any income level, of any race, in any state – to nurture their babies in the healthiest way possible.

Loving Moments is dedicated to raising awareness for breastfeeding all year long and helping create change to support babies, mothers, families and communities. By working with community breastfeeding organizations, Loving Moments makes an impact where it counts the most for this cause: directly with moms who strive to nourish their babies through breastfeeding.

Participating Breastfeeding Support Agencies:

Innovations PCfit LLC

PHFE WIC’s CinnaMoms

Mamatoto Village, INC

Community Birth Companion

The Pittsburgh Black Breastfeeding Circle

A Mother’s Worth Birth Services

Florida Department of Health in Pinellas County WIC and Nutrition

Trinity Mother & Baby Outreach

Tiny & Brave Holistic Services

African American Breastfeeding Network

Butler County Breastfeeding Group

Community Birth & Wellness Center

Tri-Country Breastfeeding Coalition

Racine Kenosha Community Action Agency Inc. in partnership with the Greater Racine Collaborative for Healthy Birth Outcomes

Families for Equity

The Foundation for Maternal & Infant Vitality

Philly Moms Do Breastfeed

Las Vegas Urban League


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