Celebrate Earth Day with Natural Fabrics

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It’s time to cool off in Leading Lady’s Crossover Sleep Bra, a.k.a. The Serenity! This spring, as Earth Day approaches check out the awesome benefits of this sleep bra is an environmentally conscious choice for a great night’s sleep.

Earth Day and Natural Fabrics

What do your clothes and bras have to do with Earth Day? A lot actually! While you’re preparing for your Earth Day celebration, keep your wardrobe in mind in these two ways:

First, clothes and bras can be recycled in many ways. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that over 16 million tons of textiles are thrown away. Of course, donating old clothes and bras is a tremendous way to recycle, but you can also use them for rags, art projects, and various home solutions.

Additionally, wearing natural fabrics like cotton, silk, wool are better for your body, produce less toxic waste, and are more sustainable. Your skin absorbs the contents of clothing fibers, so when your clothes are synthetic, your skin absorbs the toxins in the fabric. Plus, the toxins used to create the textiles are released into the environment in the manufacturing process. Perhaps most importantly, natural fibers simply last longer and are therefore a better long-term value for your pocket and the environment. When you’re looking for sleep bras that will last, natural is the way to go.

Leading Lady’s Crossover Sleep Bra

Now you know natural fibers, especially bamboo,
are a win for you and the environment. What better
way to embrace these beThe Serenity - Bamboo Crossover Sleep Bra | 4501nefits this Earth Day than with our Crossover Sleep Bra?

The fabric blend is incredibly soft and supple, and it molds to your body for an ultra-comfortable fit. The pullover design and ballet
back free from closures makes lounging and sleeping cozier than ever. Wide straps offer
gentle support and lift during the night, making
this a wonderful sleep bra for large breasts. This
full coverage wireless bra helps hold your breasts in place to avoid shifting and drooping while you rest.

The Serenity is also an excellent choice for moms-to-be and new moms because it doubles as a maternity sleep bra and nursing sleep bra. As a maternity sleep bra, the fabric expands with your body, even as your rib cage and breasts grow. Once your baby arrives this nursing sleep bra accommodates size fluctuations for all stages of breastfeeding. The crossover cups easily slide to the side for convenient nursing access. And all the while, normal hot flashes from hormone shifts will be tempered by the cooling bamboo fabric.

Our Crossover Sleep Bra is available in sizes Medium to 2X and comes in a 2-pack of grey and black. Whether you’re looking for the most comfortable plus size bra, a simple sleep bra, a sleep bra for large breasts, a maternity sleep bra or a nursing sleep bra, The Serenity has you covered!

Celebrating Earth Day every spring reminds each of us that we are only just borrowing the beautiful Earth we inhabit. And hopefully Earth Day renews passion for caring for our environment and living eco-friendly lifestyles. Wearing natural fabrics is one of many ways you can go green with your wardrobe and we hope you start with our  Crossover Sleep Bra.

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