Sleep Bras for Better Sleep Month


Sleep is important for every function of your body, and it can make or break your everyday productivity, wellbeing, and happiness. May is Better Sleep Month so we’re helping you hit the hay with our fabulous sleep bras. Come experience the difference resting in our comfortable sleep bras can make in your life.

Why is Sleep so Important?

In addition to exercise and a healthy diet, sleep is among the top three things you can do for your health. That’s because sleep is the time when your body can relax, restore, and rejuvenate after a long day of moving, thinking and performing all sorts of involuntary actions. Your body requires this “down time” to regenerate and rebuild, whether that’s muscle growth, brain connectivity, or sorting through emotions. Countless studies conclude that getting adequate sleep leads to better concentration, problem-solving, athletic performance, weight management, and a healthier immune system. Plus, it lowers risk of diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and depression. In fact, achieving the ideal amount of sleep may help you live longer.

How Much Sleep Do I Need?

Although everyone’s needs differ based on age, health, and lifestyle factors, research shows seven to nine hours of sleep is the right amount for most adults. Sleeping less can lead to a host of health concerns as well as general fatigue, lack of alertness, and moodiness. Getting too much sleep may be a problem as well. Hitting the sweet spot ensures cellular restoration without overdoing it.

What’s a Sleep Bra?

If you’ve never tried a sleep bra (also known as a sleeping bra), you’re in for a real treat! Think of your coziest pajamas – if they were a bra, they’d be a sleep bra. Sleep bras are designed without back closures so that lying in any position, including directly on your back, is comfortable. Sleep bras are comfortable front closure bras or have a pullover design. And everything about them is thoughtfully constructed to help you get your best night’s sleep.

The soft, stretchy, breathable fabric is flexible enough for mobility during sleep and relaxation but offers gentle support so your breasts are well-positioned in the night. That means no more drooping or sagging as you shift during sleep, an otherwise uncomfortable predicament that can cause wakefulness. The wide straps, back support, and wireless comfort bands on sleep bras ensure a “barely there” feel to help you stay asleep all night long.

Sleep Bras for Every Body

Sleeping bras can be a “sleep-changing” experience. Rather than counting sheep, waking in the night, or waking too early, sleep bras can help you achieve a truly relaxing, restorative night’s sleep. Leading Lady offers a range of traditional sleep bras and specialty sleep bras – including sleep bras for large breasts, maternity sleep bras and nursing sleep bras – to meet the perfect bra fit for every woman.   

The Meryl Cotton Front Closure Leisure BRa 110

The Meryl is our award-winning cotton front closure bra. This incredible sleep bra comfortably wraps your    body in soft cozy cotton. With the perfect balance of stretchability, you may end up wearing this wireless bra on any lounge day. The Meryl is among our top sleep bras for large breasts as it is available in extended sizes. [Band Sizes 34-52 | Cups Sizes A/B, C/D/DD, F/G/H | 14 color & pattern choices]

The Serenity Bamboo Crossover Sleep Bra 4501

The Serenity bamboo crossover sleep bra is the coolest in our collection. The bamboo blend naturally ventilates to keep you fresh all night long, and that’s good news for your zzz’s because staying on the cooler side supports better sleep. The soft as silk fabric and easy access crossover cups make this a terrific maternity sleep bra and nursing sleep bra, especially for women with tender breasts or sore nipples. [Sizes M-2X | Black & Grey]

The Harmony Cotton Crossover Sleep And Leisure Bra 4011

The Harmony combines the cotton fabric of The Meryl with the crossover wireless bra design of The Serenity to create one of our most supportive sleep bras for large breasts. Comfortable smoothing and a ribbed cotton keep you looking and feeling fabulous. This is a wonderful transitional item that works as a maternity sleep bra and nursing sleep bra. [Sizes S-4x | Jet Black & Naturally Nude]

The Marlene Zig Zag Weave Front Closure Leisure Bra 151

The Marlene and The Lena are our nylon/spandex sleep bras that offer extra stretch and a fun imprint. The Marlene features a zig-zag weave textured fabric, while The Lena gets sassy in a shiny embossed leopard print. Both front closure bras making sleeping more comfortable and stylish. [The Marlene – Band Sizes 36-56 | Cup Sizes B/C/D & DD/F/G| 8 color & pattern choices ||The Lena – Band Sizes 38-54 | Cup Sizes B/C/D & DD/F/G| 7 color choices]

The Lena Front Closure :eisure Bra 5420
The Deanna Cotton Nursing Sleep Bra With Sporty Racerback 4010

The Deanna and The Felicity are our cotton nursing sleep     bras, both with crossover designs. The Deanna shows a sporty look as a racerback nursing bra, and The Felicity is     a versatile maternity sleep bra and nursing sleep bra with ultra-comfortable fabric that cradles tender skin.  [The Deanna – Sizes S-2X | Black w/raspberry trim || The Felicity 2-   pack – Sizes S, M, & 2X | Black & Grey   or Black & Pink Leopard]

The Felicity 2 pack Cotton Sleep Bras 4024

Prioritize your sleep as a healthy habit and keep those sweet dreams coming with our collection of sleep bras!

Sources: The Better Sleep Council, Healthline and The American Sleep Association

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