Comfortable Bras & Your Best Self

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There’s one thing that is always on trend: your mission to be your best self. Make a conscious decision to focus on yourself and all the radiance you bring to the world. And the awesome part is, you can chose to do it in your most comfortable bras!

There’s no time for comfort like the present! Here’s the thing about comfort: you might not even recognize it unless you don’t have it. Because trust us, you’ll notice if your bra is UNcomfortable. We’ve all been there – a bra that digs into your skin, straps that leave marks on your shoulders, cups that are no longer supportive, or underwire that protrudes. When you’re wearing one all-day every day, comfortable bras are nonnegotiable.

What makes comfortable bras?

You wear your bras more than most items of clothing in your wardrobe so there’s no excuse for discomfort. Comfortable bras are made of high-quality fabrics that breathe and flex with your body. The styles you select should support in just the right ways for your level of activity and fit securely but not restrictively. Cups should encapsulate your breasts to reduce bounce and shift, cushioned adjustable straps help relieve shoulder pain, and multiple hook-and-eye closures allow for daily modifications.

First, find your bra fit using our bra size calculator. This handy tool helps you determine your bra size using simple measurements you can take yourself. Understanding your best bra fit will ensure comfort in any style you choose. 

To be your best self, comfortable bras are a top priority. We’ve got your must-have comfortable bras covered with these top picks:

The Meryl Cotton Leisure Bra

Voted “The Most Comfortable Bra in America,” The Meryl is the leisure bra every woman needs. It’s got all of the comfort features you crave, including wide straps and a broad back for support, breathable cotton fabric, and an easy-on, easy-off front closure design. [Band Sizes 34-56 | Cup Sizes A/B, C/D/DD, F/G/H | 12 colors and patterns]

Woman wearing light blue bra Woman wearing light blue bra

The Claire Everyday Comfort Bra

Smooth and cozy from stitch to curve, The Claire takes the cake when it comes to comfortable bras. Simplicity is the key to its shaping and support, with soft microfiber fabric, cushioned adjustable straps, a posture-enhancing ballet back, and extra lifting wirefree band. [Band Sizes: 38-52 | Cup Sizes: A-DD | Black, White, Beige]

Brunette woman wearing a black bra Brunette woman wearing a black bra

The Serena Wirefree Sports Bra

Here’s a sports bra you could wear all day long while chasing your kids around and tackling household chores. The Serena is a classic pullover racerback sports bra made from breathable cotton. The secure wirefree band and dual-layer cups give you ideal support for low-impact activities. And you’ll love our exciting color and pattern choices. [Band Sizes: 36-56 | Cup Sizes: B/C/D, D/F/G, DD/F/G | 13 colors and patterns]

Blonde woman wearing a lavender bra Blonde woman wearing a lavender bra

The Serenity Sleep Bra

Catch your zzz’s in cool in the softest natural fabric. The Serenity sleep bra will turn up on the knob on your comfort all night long. The wide back free from closures makes it easy to sleep in any position and the effortless crossover design with wirefree band will keep your breasts gently supported while you rest. [Sizes M-2X | Black & Heather Grey]

Woman wearing a light grey bra Woman wearing light blue bra

The Greta Wirefree Bralette

Super comfy, The Greta wirefree bralette is everything a bralette should be. Silky soft fabric lines the entire design, including the crisscross back and extended power band. Dual layer soft cups give you flex comfort for everything from binge-watching, to kitchen creations. [Sizes M-5X | Black & Modern Pale Violet | Front-Closure & Back-Closure]

Brunette woman wearing a light pink bra  Brunette woman wearing a light pink bra
Woman wearing a black bra  Woman wearing a black bra

Putting your best foot forward every day means digging deep and focusing on what really matters. To do that, you need serious comfort. For whatever life throws your way, comfortable bras will help you be your best self.


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