Everyday Bras for Older Women


Every woman deserves the perfect bra, whether she’s rocking her 20’s, powering through her 40’s, enjoying her 60’s, or relaxing in her 80’s. The best bras for older women are those that are easy to put on and take off, comfortable, and supportive. That’s why the Leading Lady collection features a variety of bras for older women including front closure bras, the best support bras, and the most comfortable bras for seniors.

As you get older, your bra needs may change, and Leading Lady is here to keep you comfortable in all stages of life. We understand the transformation that women experience with aging, including mobility challenges, skin sensitivities, lose skin, posture support, and the unending desire for lift. The best bras for older women address these specifications while providing quality and comfort.

Bras for Older Women

As you search for your perfect bra, take a peek at our most comfortable bras for seniors:

Front Closure Bras

Front closure bras (also known as a front clasp bra, front hook bra, or front open bra) are excellent for women with mobility challenges. The easy-on, easy-off design of front closure bras allow women to clasp their bras simply and securely in the front without the hassle of reaching around or twisting and sliding a bra on and off.

Leading Lady’s front closure bras come in several styles to meet every woman’s personal needs and taste.

The Meryl is our award-winning cotton front hook bra, making it one of our most comfortable bras for seniors. This dual-layer soft cotton blend leisure bra offers both stretch and gentle support for women of all ages, and the wide, lightly padded straps never slip. Plus, it comes in 12 colors and patterns to keep your bra wardrobe fresh and fun.


The Marlene is another popular front clasp bra with a classic textured pattern and easy front closure design. Full coverage cups and a wirefree comfort band are terrific for all-day or all-night wear.


The Greta is one of our newest best-sellers thanks to the silky-smooth modal fabric blend, extended comfort band, and supportive crisscross back design. This front open bra looks as good as it feels.


The Best Support Bra

Support is essential in the best bras for older women. Whether your breasts are large, you want to prevent sagging, or you need posture assistance, Leading Lady has you covered.

The Grace is our beautiful posture support bra. This lace front closure bra frames your upper body to support from every direction. The power mesh back with extra supportive crisscross straps offer a constant gentle posture reminder while the front clasps make dressing a cinch. Padded comfort straps, an extended wirefree band, and cup-to-side support panels help keep you front and centered. When it comes to the best support bra, The Grace is your gal.


The Claire is another phenomenal everyday comfort bra for older women. Its simplicity says it all: smooth supportive dual-layer soft cups, no slip straps, and a wirefree comfort band can’t be beat.  The sleek design of this bra helps smooth lose skin 360 degrees.


The Bettie latex-free bra offers both support and a comfortable option for delicate skin. This cotton hypoallergenic bra is designed to reduce irritation on your breasts, one of the most sensitive areas of the body. With plenty of adjustability in the band and straps, The Bettie features dual layer full coverage cups and a wirefree comfort band for cozy versatility.


Extended and Hard-to-Fit Sizes

Leading Lady has a wide selection of bras AND sizes. We are intimately in-tune with a woman’s changing body, so we craft bras that support and empower women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Many of our most comfortable bras for seniors are available in band sizes up to 56 and cup sizes DD+. We also cater to hard-to-fit sizes because we realize that some women need a smaller cup and larger band combination.


The best bras for older women are the ones that are effortless to dress, comfortable to wear, and meet your specific support needs. We know your perfect bra exists in the Leading Lady collection and we are dedicated to helping you find it. With our easy-to-shop style categories, size guide, and hassle-free returns, we’re your home for the most comfortable bras for seniors.


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