Fashion Color Trends for 2018

Fashion Color Trends for 2018

We hope you had a warm and festive holiday. As we look towards the New Year, we’re excited to dive into new color palettes that inspire us to be and express ourselves freely. The vibrant tones of fashion color trends for 2018 are both hopeful and playful as we look into the bright future.

For your home the colors trends for 2018 will be sleek and dark shades of black and blue, but for your wardrobe, you’ll be looking at much more cheerful garden hues. Check out these fashion color trends for 2018 that will have you looking as if you stepped right off the runway:

Ultra Violet

The Pantone color of the year for 2018 is none other than ultra violet. This blue-based purple hue “communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that points us towards the future,” Pantone says in their announcement the color. Inspired by the endless possibilities of the night sky, keep ultra violet in mind when you want to express individuality and make your unique mysterious mark. It’s perfect for unconventional dresses, artistic blouses, or boundary-pushing accessories.


The more sophisticated take on hot pink, fuchsia is flirty, feminine and fun! Give it a go on your next pant suit or go-to spring jacket, or simply select a pop of fuchsia on trendy shoes or a handbag. And get this: the new way to wear pink is with red so feel free to mix these sister hues for a super stylish look.


Beware of bumblebees because you’ll be attracting a lot of them in this fashion color trend for 2018. Sunny yellow will be fabulous next year, especially for dresses. Feel free to mix and match your yellow with other bold colors for your shoes and accessories.


Bright beautiful construction-colored orange is going to be an “it” color in 2018. Different from the muted burnt orange colors of fall, this orange will be seen from miles away. We love this trend for skirts or a head-to-toe orange outfit.


The softer hue of the year will be lavender. This dainty younger sis of purple is particularly chic in iridescent shades and in light, silky textures. Lavender blouses, lavender trousers or lavender leggings are all perfect for 2018.

Fashionistas, it’s never too early to prepare your wardrobe for the next hot fashion color trends for 2018. Happy shopping!

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