New Year’s Resolutions for your Full Figure Bras

A New Year is a time for self-discovery and setting new goals. How will we improve in the New Year? Will we correct our mistakes? How will we find new meaning, love, acceptance, kindness, gratitude? As we resolve to do more and be better, it’s time to set some New Year’s resolutions for your full figure bras too. After all, your intimates are your support system, the foundation of the way you look and feel every day.

New Year’s Resolutions for your Full Figure Bras

Full Figure Bra New Year’s Resolution #1: Don’t Settle

It’s time to toss out those ho-hum bras in your intimates drawer and find bras that give you the comfort, support and fit you deserve. Is that really too much to ask? We don’t think so!

Our mission is helping women find these exact ideals in their full figure bras. With comfort features like soft, molded cups and comfort straps, and supportive designs with bands and front-to-back zones that lift your breasts, our full figure bras are tailored for your body. Plus our fit features like extra hook-and-eye closures and adjustable straps will help ensure you’re wearing your bra perfectly every day.

When you settle on average bras that you’ve had forever, you’re saying to yourself you’re not worth every day comfort and support and a great fit. We know that’s not true so it’s time to step it up!

Full Figure Bra New Year’s Resolution #2: Discover Your Style

Never compromise style just to get the fit and support you need. You’re a modern woman and you can have it all! Style features are what makes you smile every morning when you put on your bras and add that spring in your step all day long. From full or half cup lace and ballet backs adorned in lace, to tuxedo style piping and vivacious prints, you should have fun with the styles of your bras.

Every woman needs a few matching bra and panty sets too. Leading Lady has the perfect combination of sexiness, sophistication and breezy comfort in our sets meant to fit all of your curves.

Full Figure Bra New Year’s Resolution #3: Meet Your Match

You’re a complex woman with many facets to your life. Your full figure bra wardrobe should reflect that. Everyday t-shirt bras are terrific for work, running errands and spending time with family. On your active days, full figure sports bras will keep you comfortable, supported and dry. Sleep and leisure bras are exactly what you need for R&R and to support your breasts overnight. And every woman needs a few sexy, special occasion bras that she can pull out when the mood is right.

Wishing you a very happy New Year full of comfort, support, fit and style!

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