Get the Look: 4 Styling Tips for Athleisure Outfits


Spring and summer are the perfect time to strut your athleisure fashion. From sports bras and nursing sports bras, to plus size leggings and maternity leggings, we’ve got the fashion basics to build your perfect athleisure outfits. So, this season you can be comfortable, chic, and ready for almost every occasion in your favorite athleisure clothes.

What is Athleisure?

The term athleisure has been around for about five years now and it really sums up this enduring fashion trend nicely. Athleisure is the combination of comfortable, functional athletic clothes that can be worn for everyday purposes. That means you don’t have to hit the gym if you’re wearing athleisure outfits, but you could if you wanted to.

The trend has evolved over the past few years, but the essentials have remained the same: sports bras (especially comfy cotton sports bras) and leggings (which includes plus size leggings, maternity leggings, capri leggings, and much more!). Fabrics, prints, and how you pair your athleisure attire are what really defines the trend in 2019. And that’s why we’re going to show you how to make the most out of your athleisure wardrobe.

4 Styling Tips for Athleisure Outfits

1) Layer your Tops

For a casual look, start with a fabulous cotton sports bra like The Serena, our racerback sports bra, or The Danika, our nursing sports bra. Layer on a light oversized sweatshirt, sporty jacket, or hoodie and don’t be afraid to let the fun colors and patterns peak through a bit. These bras are meant to be seen! In fact, you can even mix in a crisscross back bralette like The Nola or The Greta with an open-back shirt to show off your trendy bra style.

The Serena - Wirefree Sport Full Figure Bra | 514      The Danika - Cotton Seamless Athleisure Sports Nursing Bra | 4020

 The Nola - Lace Wirefree Front Closure Bralette | 5071      The Greta - Wirefree Bralette | 5070

For dressier days, a blazer, bomber jacket, light sweater or sequin top create a snazzier look that will definitely make a statement. This can be worn to work, a date night, or just hanging out with your girlfriends. You’ll look amazing but also feel comfortable. And having a gym-ready option for an evening workout makes multi-tasking so much simpler.

2) Mix Fabrics from Top to Bottom

Get playful with your look by mixing fabrics for a more textured and complex ensemble. Think opposites, like cotton plus size leggings or maternity leggings with a denim or leather jacket. Our super soft plus size leggings come in classic black or trendy pink camouflage. Our maternity leggings and maternity jeggings feature a built-in maternity support band to lift and comfort your belly and back, all while looking incredibly stylish.

You can also keep the tops simple and splash up the bottoms. For example, a sweet and cozy maternity tank top, nursing tank top, or oversized blouse pairs nicely with leather leggings or the pink camo plus size leggings in our collection. Don’t strive for matchy-matchy athleisure outfits. Instead, find one piece that will make a statement while keeping the overall look casual and comfortable.

3) Accessorize Like You Mean It

Sure, you may take your jewelry off for your workouts, but you don’t have to when you’re rockin’ athleisure style. In fact, accessorizing can define your outfit. Don’t overdo it, but a few pieces, such as a bracelet and dangling earrings, or a tassel necklace, can elevate your getup from athletic to athleisure in no time.

Shoes are a big deal in the athleisure trend too. This is the time to wear fashion sneakers or add a little wedge or platform to a casual shoe. Don’t shy away from bling on your feet either. This is one space where you can own a flashy style.

4) Fit is Essential

Athleisure can be many things, but this trend is not the old baggy t-shirt and sweats you were wearing when you rolled out of bed. Athleisure-wear should show off your beautiful figure and that requires impeccable fit. Spend time getting just the right fit, especially in your athleisure sports bras and athleisure leggings. With the perfect bra fit and sleek leggings, you’ll shape up a killer outfit.

When it comes to the perfect bra fit, follow our bra fitting guide and use our bra fit calculator to find your size. Yes, knowing how to fit a bra even applies to sports bras! Once you know your size, stock up on pieces that work for your body. Be sure to have classic colors as well as a few unique prints and patterns that will stand out in your athleisure wardrobe.


We hope you have a fabulous, fun, and fashionable season showing off your athleisure style!

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