Wire-Free-Dom! The Best Wireless Bras with the Support You Need

When you put on your bra, do sparks fly? Do you feel the fireworks light up with that Zen sensation of true comfort and support? We’re celebrating Independence Day by sharing the wire-free-dom you can get from the best wireless bras. Check them out and feel the electricity of genuine comfort bras.

Why Go Wireless?

Regardless of your bra size, wireless bras can be comfortable and supportive for all shapes. Even if your go-to styles are underwire bras, we encourage you to have a few wireless bras in your drawer. Worried about losing band support in bras without underwire? Don’t be! Our wireless bras feature enhanced fabric and stitching in the bands that are designed to lift your bust for a supportive, comfortable bra fit. Plus, we put ample stock in our straps that help lift from the top so you always feel secure.

Especially in summer, wireless bras are breathable and easy-to-wear. Warmer weather is easier to handle with soft fabric bands resting on your skin. Your form-fitting tops will look amazing on our smooth rounded wireless t shirt bras and wireless nursing bras. Plus, our leisure bras and sports bras offer the ideal gentle support from bras without underwire.

The Best Wireless Bras

Selecting the best wireless bras for you will depend on your body and lifestyle. Our styles come in a variety of options to keep you satisfied all summer long. That includes full coverage bras, cotton bras, sleep bras, and lace bras, all with exceptional wireless support.

Feel the sparkly comfort of wire-free-dom with our best wireless bras:

Wireless T Shirt Bras

Our top picks for wireless t shirt bras are The Brigitte Full Coverage and The Brigitte Classic Luxe Body. Both of these styles feature contoured cups that smooth and shape your bust. Our best-selling full coverage bra is available in over 25 summer-worthy prints and patterns while our luxe body support bra has a sophisticated tuxedo trim that will that will rock any celebration this summer.

The Brigitte Full Coverage Wirefree - Molded Padded Seamless Bra | 5042         The Brigitte Luxe Wirefree - T-Shirt Full Figure Bra | 5211

For new moms, The Carole Cool Fit Nursing Bra is absolutely perfect to keep you cool and dry in the summer heat. The natural cooling fabric wicks moisture and retrains a fresh feeling all day. Also check out The Gloria for a stretchy, seamless wireless nursing bra option, especially terrific for early stages of breastfeeding.

The Carole - Cool Fit Wirefree Nursing Bra | 4057         The Gloria - Deluxe Seamless Molded Padded T-shirt Nursing Bra | 4030

Wireless Sports Bras

Wireless sports bras may be a no-brainer for exercise, but your mind will be blown when you try Leading Lady’s incredibly soft sports bras. The Serena dual-layer pullover racerback sports bra is a fantastic athleisure style bra for light to moderate exercise. Moms-to-be and new moms love The Danika, our cute cotton nursing sports bra that stretches and molds to your changing body.

The Serena - Wirefree Sport Full Figure Bra | 514        The Danika - Cotton Seamless Athleisure Sports Nursing Bra | 4020

Wireless Lace Bras

Leading Lady’s lace bras are never itchy and with our wireless styles you get flexible lightweight support too. We have lace styles ranging from the incomparable Brigitte Lace Wireless Bra that features smooth cups and a stunning lace bodice, as well as The Jayne, our lace front closure bra that makes slipping into a comfort bra the easiest thing ever. New moms can get lacy in wireless nursing bras like The Monroe, a vintage-chic lace-cup bra, and our lace-trimmed silky stretch bra, The Veronica.

The Brigitte Lace Wirefree - Padded Comfort Bra | 5215   The Jayne - Dreamy Comfort Wireless Lace Half Cup Full Figure Bra | 5204   

The Monroe - Luxe Body Lace Wireless Nursing Bra | 4054    The Veronica - Silky Lace Nursing Bra | 4006

Leisure Bras & Bralettes

Our leisure bras and bralettes are always wirefree for your upmost comfort day and night, lounge and leisure. Bras like The Greta microfiber bralette, The Marlene zig-zag weave front closure bra, and The Serenity bamboo crossover sleep bra are all breezy and chill for summer occasions. These go-to styles keep the temperature fresh and turn up the comfort while giving you effortless support.

Experience the excitement of vibrant, energetic, comfortable wire-free-dom in our wireless bras!

The Greta - Wirefree Bralette | 5070   The Marlene - Zig-Zag Weave Front-Closure Leisure Bra | 151   The Serenity - Bamboo Crossover Sleep Bra | 4501

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