Healthy Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese is an all-American sandwich and feels so good this time of year, especially with a cup of tomato soup. Unfortunately grilled cheese lathered in butter and layered in fatty cheese is not the healthiest option. But don’t lose hope, we’re sharing healthy grilled cheese ideas to help you enjoy this delicious heart-warming classic without the guilt.

Healthy Grilled Cheese – Consider the Cheese

American cheese is a common favorite for grilled cheese sandwiches but it isn’t most nutritious and it really lacks flavor. When you pick a bolder cheese like sharp cheddar, smoked provolone, blue cheese or even goat cheese you can use less but still enjoy a really nice flavor. That cuts out fat and calories right off the bat.

Healthy Grilled Cheese – Bread Selection

Don’t waste this nutritional opportunity on just any bread. Go for whole grain breads like 100% whole wheat or rye. Even if you’re a fan of white breads, you probably won’t notice the difference once your sandwich is concocted. Or skip the bread all together and make a cauliflower crust.

Healthy Grilled Cheese – Spread the Love

Butter is the typical spread to make a toasty golden grilled cheese sandwich but it certainly isn’t the healthiest choice. Try light mayonnaise, any type of mustard, pesto or hummus to moisten the bread.

Healthy Grilled Cheese

Healthy Grilled Cheese – Add Protein

Chopped chicken, turkey bacon or smashed black beans add lean protein to your healthy grilled cheese. This makes it more of a complete meal and will sustain your energy for longer throughout the day.

Healthy Grilled Cheese – Fruits and Veggies Please

There are endless fruits and vegetables you can add to grilled cheese sandwiches to give them a flavor and nutrition boost. Starting on the sweeter side, try slices of grapes, apples, pears or dried cranberries. Avocado makes a creamy addition to grilled cheese and offers powerful omega-3 fatty acids. Other fantastic veggie additions include tomatoes, kale, spinach, cucumbers, sweet potato, basil and parsley.

We hope you enjoy many delicious and nutritious healthy grilled cheese sandwiches this season!

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