Health Food Tends: 2018

If you’re among the millions of people who vowed to eat healthier in 2018 as part of your New Year’s resolutions, we’ve got some valuable information for you. We’re sharing the health food trends that experts predict for this year. Check them out and eat them up!

Preventative Diets

Now more than ever people are turning to healthy diets to prevent sickness and disease. With a wealth of information on how diet contributes and potentially prevents certain illnesses, people are paying attention and taking action by eating more whole foods than processed, ensuring a balance of essential nutrients, limiting fats, sugar and salt, and watching out for low-quality, GMO and chemical-laden foods.

Plant-Based Protein

This is not new among health food trends but it’s one that will continue to expand in 2018. The more that’s studied about the value of plants, the more experts realize the extraordinary value they hold to human health. And plants that provide a source of protein along with crucial nutrients are given top billing. The list includes seaweed, plant waters, tofu, soy, beans, nuts, chia seeds, hemp seeds, quinoa and lentils. Vegetarianism and veganism are on the rise so plant-based protein sources are as well.


Ditch the plate and grab a bowl in 2018. This trend extends to a variety of cuisines including poke bowls, bibimap, deconstructed burritos, superfood smorgasbords and more. There’s something wondrous about mixing flavors, textures and styles together in a bowl and then creating the perfect combination with each bite.

Emotional Connections

Comfort food has unhealthy connotations but manufacturers will try to play up mood food with healthier ingredients. These may include use of soothing botanicals such as chamomile and lavender, seed blends and unique twists on classic comfort food favorites. After all, food can enhance your mood and not just when it’s greasy, fried and fatty.

Alternative Breakfasts

Oatmeal is still a superfood but the traditional cereals and buttered toasts are making way for the modern breakfast which may include breakfast sandwiches, breakfast salads, baked goods with superfood ingredients and a variety of eggs scramblers. With more emphasis on core nutrients and less unnecessary sugar in the morning, breakfast is bringing a whole new meaning to an energized day.

Four Meals a Day

You’ve probably heard that several smaller meals a day have great health benefits than three larger ones. People will be putting that into practice in 2018 by adopting a four meals a day diet. By spreading nutrients out over four meals rather than three, bodies are better able to metabolize it, burn food for energy and easily digest what is consumed. Four meals a day also helps stabilize blood glucose levels for better internal balance.

Unexpected Textures

It’s not just about flavor combinations in the New Year, there’s also a new focus on texture. Textured beverages and surprising pops and fizz are among the health food trends of 2018. An unexpected twist on the tongue offers culinary intrigue and keeps foodies on their toes.

Healthier Gluten Free

Gluten free offerings allow those with celiac’s disease and varying degrees of gluten intolerances to eat a typical diet. Unfortunately the same junk as the rest of our food goes into them, except without the gluten. Now gluten free food is getting much healthier as people are recognizing the need for health options even within restricted diets. And many people make the choice to eat a gluten free diet because they want to be healthier so this is a wonderful change for the better.

Experiential Shopping

Experiential shopping at smaller markets that offer ambiance and a social scene replace big weekly shopping trips. You may see more coffee shop and wine bar markets pop up in your area, or notice that the bakery section now has its own check-out and seating for an in-store dining experience. Shopping more often may also be a product of people wanting fresher ingredients and more produce that need to be purchased within a few days of using them.

Greater Accountability

Ingredient disclosure, food labels and manufacturer claims have been a hot topic for the past couple of years. Consumers are only getting more serious about this issue. New guidelines are in place regarding food labels. However, often ingredients are not included, and farming and manufacturing practice disclosures are certainly not required. People care where their food comes from now more than ever. Companies who can back their health food claims and deliver quality, tasty products will get more attention in 2018.

We hope you enjoy these healthy food trends in 2018!

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