The 5 Unhealthiest Things in Your Home

The 5 Unhealthiest Things in Your Home

Your home is your haven, a space where you should feel comfortable, relaxed and content. But did you know your home may be the dwelling of some pretty unhealthy, unwanted guests? Today we’re sharing the 5 unhealthiest things in your home to ensure your living quarters are a safe place for you and your family.

Unhealthy Foods/Drinks: Nutrition tops our list because it is SO important. Stocking your home with junk food is one of the worst things you can do for your health. If you keep your fridge and pantry filled with healthy options, you’ll have no choice but to stay on track with a nutritious diet. Make sure you limit your number of sugary or chemical-laden diet drinks as well.

Old Clothes: Old clothes are among the unhealthiest things in your home and become a problem on several levels, and we’re not just talking about attracting moths. First, wearing old garments such as old bras or worn-out sneakers that are no longer supportive can be bad for your health. Ill-fitting bras are not only uncomfortable, they can also cause breast, back and shoulder issues. Sneakers with worn soles can lead to joint and knee damage.

Keeping old clothes around may induce anxiety as well. Many people keep old clothes in hopes they will fit again one day. But looking at them day-in and day-out is unhealthy for your psyche. If clothes don’t fit, let them go and find new ones that make you feel confident in your body.

Fragrances: Air fresheners, perfumes and scented lotions may smell delightful but they are not good for your body. Fragrances contain phthalates and other unnatural chemicals that may be harmful, especially to your reproductive system. You can substitute manufactured fragrances with natural ones from fragrant plants and spices.

Mites, Mildew, Mold: Your habits and belongings may contribute to increased dust mites, mildew and mold. First, keep your home on the cooler side, under 70 degrees to avoid attracting these unwanted guests. Ventilate any spaces with frequent moisture, like your bathroom. Dark warm soil from plants can house mildew and having too much upholstery, rugs and blankets in a room breeds dust mites. Change air filters frequently and use a HEPA vacuum as well.

Old Personal Care Items: Your makeup, especially liquids like foundation and mascara, retains bacteria that multiply over time. Replace older tubes and wash sponges and brushes frequently. Contact lens cases and toothbrushes should be changed every three months or so as they wear down and house bacteria. Sunscreen has an expiration date that you should heed because it will not be as effective after a certain period of time.

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