How Leading Lady Gives Thanks

As a company, we have so much to be thankful for this year, and it all starts with you, our loyal customers. You inspire us to be our best, just like we hope our bras encourage, support and motivate you on a daily basis. It makes our day to hear the incredible difference a bra makes in your life, from a more energetic workout, to a more stylish work day, to an easier night’s rest.

Leading Lady was founded nearly 80 years ago to help women, and we’re still working hard to support women and the causes that make a difference in their lives. We celebrate all of the roles women play: mothers, daughters, wives, breadwinners, leaders, volunteers, educators, supporters, caregivers, and the list goes on. We are grateful for the contributions of women in our homes, communities, country and across the globe. Thank you for demonstrating strength!

For each woman, the journey is different, and we hope to be there for every step of it. That’s why our comprehensive line of full figure bras and nursing bras feature a wide range of styles, including fun, effortless bralettes; chic, shape-enhancing t-shirt bras; cozy sleep and leisure bras; confidence-boosting lace bras; and heart-pumping sports bras. Thank you for showing us who real women are!

You might be wondering, how much power can a bra really have? Comfort, support and fit are powerful. When you don’t have it, your entire day can suffer. For women who struggle to find their size because perhaps they need a large band and small cup or another hard-to-find combination, we’ve listened and we’ve answered with size ranges that meet your needs. Through your own path, you’ve helped us grow to provide a wider selection of products, bra styles, and bra sizes. Thank you for inspiring innovation and improvement!

From the company’s inception, Leading Lady has been a steadfast advocate of breastfeeding. This cause is near and dear to our hearts, having started as a nursing bra manufacturer. Through years of research, working with moms, and raising awareness for this cause, we know breastfeeding makes a huge difference in the lives of our babies. And not only that, it changes the entire makeup of families who are healthier, communities that are more supportive, and a country that is less taxed with healthcare burdens. Thank you for breastfeeding for a healthier world!

          Leading Lady CEO, Mark Corrado at WomenSafe, not-for-profit domestic                  violence shelter and resource center.

          Leading Lady CEO, Mark Corrado dropping off supplies for WomenSafe,
          not-for-profit domestic violence shelter and resource center residents.

We know breastfeeding is not without its major hurdles and often sacrifices. Our Annual Nursing Bra Donation Program during World Breastfeeding Week and National Breastfeeding Month supports thousands of new moms with nursing bras to make their experience a little easier. From new moms who have struggled with breastfeeding, we’ve heard that our nursing bras were a driving force in their breastfeeding success. Thank you for overcoming challenges and persevering!

We also know that life takes unexpected turns and sometimes women need a place to turn for shelter, guidance and kindness. Leading Lady is a sponsor of WomenSafe, a domestic violence shelter and resource center in Northeastern Ohio. Through financial support and bra donations, we hope to uplift women when they need it most. Thank you for standing up for yourself and all women!

And this brings us back to you. Thank you for being you, our faithful customers. Without your business and loyalty over the years, we could not support causes that make a difference in the world or provide new, improved products that make a difference in your day.

At this season, we are especially grateful for all of these things. And it all starts with you!

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