How to Feel More Confident and Powerful in Any Situation

Boosting your own self-confidence and feelings of empowerment are about the best gifts you could give yourself this Valentine’s Day. When women feel confident and powerful they are able to achieve more, are happier and are deemed sexier. Today we’re sharing scientifically proven ways to feel more confident and powerful in any situation.

In any walk of life – from the board room to the class room, a job interview to a doctor’s appointment, or a date to a speaking engagement – being more confident and empowered commands respect, interest, trust and attraction. For some this comes naturally but others have to work to get there. Luckily, it may be easier than you think.

Check out these research-based methods to feel more confident and powerful in any situation:

Stand Like a Superhero

Literally strike a superhero pose with feet wide, hands on hips, a proud chest and chin up. This physical act trains your body and mind to feel heroic and powerful. In general any stance that takes up more space in a room will make you feel larger and act with more authority.

Suit-up for Power

Wearing your power armor is also important to boost your confidence. Perhaps not your superhero costume per se, but a crisp suit, sleek leather jacket or anything else that makes you feel extraordinary will help you look and feel more self-assured. Be sure to start your look with an awesome full figure bra to create a gorgeous silhouette.

Find a Winning Streak

There’s something that happens in your brain when you start to win that makes you feel like a winner. Generate small successes for yourself to start a winning streak that will help you believe in yourself.

Speak in a Lower Pitch

Research shows that speaking in a lower, monotone voice is more commanding than higher pitches. Be conscious of your voice and where you insert emotions to get the best responses from others.

Listen to Uplifting Music

A good beat will put you in a confident mood. When you need a positive pick-me-up, try putting on some base-heavy tunes that will stimulate your inner boss.

Learn Something New

Mastering a new skill – or even just attempting one – builds new connections in the brain and gives you more confidence to tackle whatever is happening in your life. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be very empowering.

Develop a Personal Ritual

You are your best champion so treat yourself like one. Create your own Rocky-style ritual that will make you feel like a million bucks every morning. Trying combining several of our methods for how to feel confident and powerful in any situation to come up with your daily ritual.

Recall an Empowering Moment

Studies indicate that recounting a previous empowering experience verbally or in writing can help you relive the moment and find new inspiration. Spend time recollecting several empowering experiences you can draw on when you need it most.

Channel a Celebrity

Sometimes comparing ourselves to celebrities makes us feel bad but if you turn the narrative around and find ways you are similar or can emulate a celebrity role model, you’ll feel more compelled to meet your goal.

Smell Good

Wearing a scent that makes you feel incredible can help you act and seem incredible to others too. If anything, when you smell yourself, you can be reminded to feel confident and powerful in any situation.

Sources: Inc, Business Insider and Huffington Post

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