Leading Lady and Loving Moments Support Black Breastfeeding Week to Help Nourish Families, Communities and Futures

Leading Lady and Loving Moments Support Black Breastfeeding Week to Help Nourish Families, Communities and Futures

World Breastfeeding Week has come and gone but National Breastfeeding Month is well underway and there’s another exciting event happening very soon: Black Breastfeeding Week! Leading Lady and Loving Moments support this jubilant week starting August 25, 2017 to help raise awareness for breastfeeding among African American communities.

The 5th annual Black Breastfeeding Week inspires us to “Bet on Black” because change comes when families and communities show love and support for breastfeeding.  Black breastfeeding support groups across the nation unite to #BetonBlack during this special week packed with themed activities for the entire community. After all, breastfeeding isn’t just between moms and babies. Breastfeeding nourishes families, communities and futures through health, wellbeing, nurture and love.

Leading Lady and Loving Moments #BetonBlack by donating $14,000 worth of nursing bras to groups participating in Black Breastfeeding Week. We know that a little extra support in the form of a new nursing bra or nursing tank top can make the difference for moms who are working hard to nourish their babies.

Don’t miss out on the following amazing events happening during Black Breastfeeding Week 2017. Check the Black Breastfeeding Week website and Facebook page for updates on events throughout the week.

Friday, August 25

From First Food to Good Food Twitter Chat

8 p.m. EST

Join in an interactive Twitter chat and delve into a discussion about the link between first food and good food. Breast milk is the best “first food” for babies but that’s only the beginning of a healthy start in life. “Good food” is the next step to nourishing children. Connecting first food to good food creates a continuum of natural and nutritious food options that sustain future generations from infancy into adulthood. It’s also essential for pregnant moms to receive good nutrition to support their unborn babies.

To highlight this crucial link, Black Breastfeeding Week aims to engage urban farmers as community partners. Self-sufficiency and cultural perceptions are the key to taking control of nutritious food choices and reclaiming black traditions including breastfeeding and self-reliant farming.

Photo Storm Event

Saturday, August 26

Annual Baby Lift-up

2 p.m. EST

Black breastfeeding groups across the country will gather for a celebration of babies, moms, families, communities and BREASTFEEDING! At 2 p.m. EST each group will participate in a unified baby lift-up by raising their babies in the air.

Breastfeeding lifts babies in so many ways, from improved health and stability as infants, to physical, mental and emotional benefits for a lifetime. Lifting babies literally raises awareness for this vital cause. Plus, it symbolizes the hopes, dreams and aspirations every family has for their children to rise up, reach for the stars and improve with each new generation.

Sunday, August 27

Shoutout Sunday!

Monday, August 28

Manday Monday

Tuesday, August 29

Spotlight on Gay, Lesbian and Queer Families, Facebook Live

Wednesday, August 30

“Wellness Wednesday” Twitter Chat with Moms Rising

2 p.m. EST

Join moms across the country to celebrate, inform and inspire others about breastfeeding. Black Breastfeeding Week’s mission will be the focus of the weekly Moms Rising twitter chat.

Moms Rising is multicultural grassroots and online organization working to achieve economic security for moms, women and families in the U.S. The membership of over a million advocates for paid family leave, earned sick days, affordable childcare, equity in the workplace, childhood nutrition, toxic-free environments and a range of other healthcare issues that affect families.

Thursday, August 31

5 Year Rewind and BBW17 Recap

Take a look back at Black Breastfeeding Week celebrations during the past 5 years including a recap of this year’s event.

Instagram Takeover

All week long follow @blkbfingweek on instagram as influencers in the black breastfeeding community literally take over Black Breastfeeding Week’s instagram account and share their perspective, photos and insight on breastfeeding. New women will take over every day so don’t miss a moment of the fun.

Celebrate Black Breastfeeding Week with us and #BetonBlack!

Connect with Black Breastfeeding Week on social media:

Facebook: @BlackBreastfeedingWeek

Twitter: @BlkBfingWeek

Instagram: @blkbfingweek




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