Spotlight on T-Shirt Bras: Our Must-Have T-shirt Bras for Spring

T-shirt weather is upon us and we couldn’t be more excited. That’s because our t-shirt bras were meant to show off your beautiful curves. And your favorite t-shirts deserve nothing less than the best t-shirt bras. You know, the ones that create a smooth, sleek silhouette whether you’re wearing your washed-and-weathered college t-shirt from way back when, or a crisp brand new floral tee for spring.

As you’re preparing for the season and pulling out your t-shirts, be sure you have just the right bras to make you look and feel great while you’re wearing them.

Full Figure T-shirt Bras

Our plus size t-shirt bra collection is designed for your most flattering fit. We know the challenges of having large breasts, a curvy frame, or being a hard-to-fit size. Our full figure bras are made with your specific needs in mind. And when it comes to t-shirt bras, ours will help you look absolutely amazing!

Smooth rounded cups are a must-have in a t-shirt bra. Ours are lightly padded and molded for natural shaping. The microfiber fabric helps your t-shirts lay flat across your chest.

Next, we carry that smoothness under your arms and around your back with power mesh side-and-back panels. These zones combat underarm and back bulge that tends to show in fitted t-shirts.

Leading Lady’s t-shirt bras also support your breasts and lift them to create an ideal silhouette. Both our underwire and wirefree styles lift from the band and have adjustable straps that work together to snuggly, yet comfortably, take pressure off your back and shoulders. This improves posture and maintains that gorgeous feminine shape you love.

This spring, don’t get bored with your t-shirt bras. We have the styles you’ll adore to keep your bra wardrobe fresh. From our classic bestselling t-shirt bra, to our tuxedo-trimmed Luxe Body style, or our ultra-flattering Balconette push-up bra, these are the intimates that will complete your spring look.

Nursing T-Shirt Bras

Leading Lady Full Figure Nursing and Maternity T-Shirt Bras

Our nursing t-shirt bras share many of the same great features as our full figure collection with the added convenience of easy one-handed nursing clasps. You can look terrific in your spring t-shirts and simplify breastfeeding too.

Smooth, lightly padded cups enhance your look and maintain modesty during breastfeeding. Plus, they are ideal for tucking away our washable nursing pads to avoid embarrassing leaks. Your breasts may be particularly heavy at certain times during breastfeeding. An inner sling keeps your breasts supported throughout. And for moms who prefer underwire nursing bras, which is not harmful during breastfeeding, we’ve got styles for you too!

Our Dreamy Comfort nursing bras, available in underwire and wirefree, are just like your favorite pre-baby bras, now with nursing clasps. They can be worn during pregnancy as soon as your regular bras feel snug, and throughout breastfeeding so you’ll be prepared for your journey into motherhood.

Or check out our latest innovation: our Cool Fit nursing bras, also available in underwire and wirefree. The fabric of this unique bra maintains a refreshing coolness throughout the day, helping combat hormonal fluctuations. Plus, it wicks away sweat and moisture to keep you your freshest all the spring day long.

Compliment your favorite t-shirts with your new favorite t-shirt bras. Our full figure and nursing collections are just waiting to become part of your spring wardrobe.

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